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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. Serving you since 1998! We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars models and other favorites.

May 25:  Today we have restocks from Pegasus Hobbies, Madman Lighitng and Atomic City.  See the Restocks Page.

May 22:
  We have a few new products today.  Plus restocks from New Ware, Bandai, and TenaControl.  See the Restocks Page.

May 20:
  Kylo Ren has arrived from Bandai!   We have restocks from Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller, Bandai, and Thurnderboy.  See the Restocks Page.   Expecting more Bandai minikits next week, plus much more.  

The Mad Maestro should be in stock next week sometime.   We don't have time to take preorders, so please add yourself to the waiting list and you will be notified when the kit is in stock. 

May 18:  We have some new premium action figures from Executive Replicas for preorder.   Restocks from Red Planet and Executive Replicas on the Restocks Page

May 14:   We've got some new art prints from Ron Gross.   Plus lots of restocks from DLM, Round 2, Paragrafix, and more on the Restocks Page


May 8:  We have a couple new Bandai kits.  These are the nicely detailed mini-kits.   They are about 4 to 4.5 inches when built.   I've been cleaning the warehouse and have added a number of items to the Spring Cleaning Sale.   We also have restocks from Aztek Dummy.  See the Restocks Page

April 30
- Just in time for Half-A-Ween (that's half way to Halloween) I've picked up a small number of Moebius Monster Scenz kits and some of the 2009 Revell Aurora Monster kits.  I've even go the Vampi and Frankenstein figures!   See the Restocks Page for a full listing.  

Note:  We've already sold out of the 2001 Bowman figure.  Not sure if we will be able to get more.  We still have Poole and the Blue Spacesuit.  Get them while you can.

April 26:   The much anticipated 2001 premium action figures from Executive Replica's have arrived.   We also have Varda, from Lost in Space, and Sheena Queen of the Jungle!  Very limited numbers of these in stock.

April 21 -
The new Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller has arrived!   And the new Amazing Figure Modeler is here too!   Don't forget the new Fine Scale Modeler has arrived!  Two great articles about the Enterprise!     I'm expecting the 2001 figures from Executive Replicas early next week.   And CultTVman's Spring Cleaning Sale continues!   We have restocks from Red Planet, Don's Light & Magic, VoodooFX, and Atomic City.  See the  Restocks Page.

I've also restored the link for the Hobbyshop Update mail list.  That seems to have gotten lost when I upgraded the site last year. 

April 4: 
Time for a Spring Cleaning Sale.  Lots of bargains, discounts, scratch and dents.  

April 3 update: 
  We've got new kits from Wild House Models.  A couple additional figures from Executive Replicas.   More Master Box Pin Ups figures.   We have restocks from Acreation and Bandai.  Plus a couple vintage Flying Sub kits.  See the  Restocks Page.


March 31:  We have several of the Executive Replicas premium action figures in stock.   Restocks from Paragrafix, Aztek Dummy, Round 2, Revell, Moebius and Atlantis. See the  Restocks Page.


March 25:  Happy Easter!  
The reissued Seaview has arrived, along with Krypto and the new Batmobile!   Plus restocks from Bandai, Revell Germany, Moebius, Sci_Fi & Fantasy Modeller, Round 2 and more.   We also have a special discount price on the original Lost in Space Space pod.

March 17:  Happy St. Patrick's Day.   We have several new preorder kits from Atlantis, including the reissue of the Phantom.   The reissued 39" TV Seaview and the Dawn of Justice Batmobile will be here next week.  I will send out notices for payment in the next few days.

March 14:  The 50th Anniversary Enterprise and Klingon Bird of Prey kits from Round 2 will be in stock this week.   We have new etch from Paragrafix.   Plus restocks from Paragrafix and Atomic City.  See the  Restocks Page.

March 12:  Adding some Executive Replicas premium action figures.   First up is the Caroline Munro figure.  

March 5:  The Headless Horseman reissue will be shipping this week.  We have lots of restocks from JTGraphics and more.  See the  Restocks Page.
And we have a number of other kits coming in the next few weeks.  See the Coming Soon page.  

March 1:
   We have a couple new Force Awakens Star Wars kits from Bandai.   We also have a limited number of the Eagle detail sets.  More are on the way.


February 17:   Flash Gordon will be shipping on Friday or Monday!  This wonderful kit has not been in stores for 50 years.   We've also got now kits from New Ware and LVM Studios.  Plus restocks!  See the Restocks Page

February 11:  Modelling the Eagle from the folks at Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller is in stock!  Also, Quest Jet display models!  Restocks on Eagles and Derelicts

Recent Preorder kits: