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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. Serving you since 1998! We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Space:1999 models and other favorites.

July 18:  We are now taking preorders for the Bandai 1:72 Millennium Falcon.   These are expected to be available in the US in December.   We will be requiring a $150 down payment for all preorders.   Please see the product page for all the details.   


July 12:  Lots of new items available including the much requested Kane lighting kit.  More restocks

July 11:   More Scratch and Dent kits have been listed.    See the SCRATCH AND DENT listings.


July 1:  The Bandai Snowspeeder set is now in stock.  We have the new Lost in Space 2018 Calendar from Ron Gross.  Plus a few restocks... see See the RESTOCKS Page.   We've been cleaning out the warehouse and we have found a bunch of kits with minor damage.  We are selling these at a discount.   See the SCRATCH AND DENT listings.

June 30:   Happy Friday and I hope you all have a great 4th of July.    Just a heads up that we are expecting a lot of new kits next week.     If you have preordered, I will be sending out payment notices this weekend.  If you have more than one preorder kit, please combine all the items into one order.   Given the holiday weekend, we most likely will not begin shipping until July 5th or 6th.   We've got lots to send out, so please be patient.    We are expecting


June 17:   Summer is the time for new models and we have a bunch of new kits on hand!   Plus lots of restocks on Bandai Star Wars kits and others.   See the RESTOCKS Page.
We expect to have the Reliant reissue in the next week or so.  Also coming very soon are the Zvezda/Revell Star Destroyer and the long awaited Galactica Raptor.    Stay Tuned.

June 14:   New preorder items from Round 2.   Restocks from Pegasus.  See the RESTOCKS Page

June 13:   Added two new light kits from TenaControl for your 1:350 Classic Starship.   New paint masks for your Riddler kit, new base for the Proteus, and more.  Plus lots of restocks from Bandai, Round 2, VoodooFX, TenaControls and much more.   See the RESTOCKS Page.  


June 12:  Shipping is caught up after Wonderfest.   Working to get restocks and new items listed in the shop.  Give me a few more days.   In the mean time, the new Moebius kits are available to purchase.

June 6:  We are back from Wonderfest and working to fill orders.  Please allow us a couple days to catch up.   The Death Dealer and Batwing are now in stock so we will be sending out preorder notices shortly.   We also have the following new kits ready to ship:

May 24:  Several new preorder items from Round 2!   No photos available yet.  All are scheduled for late 2017

May 13:  Riddler has arrived.   Restocks from Moebius and Round 2.  See the RESTOCKS Page.    And we are taking preorders for the new model book coming from Fine Scale Modeler

May 9:  Restocks on Bandai Star Wars kits.     See the RESTOCKS Page.    

May 6:  We've got the new edition of Aurora Model Kits by Thomas Graham.   The book has been expanded another 50 pages and now includes Moebius, Polar Lights and more.    Also, the Proteus photo etch is here, but I have just enough to cover preorders and a few extras.    Working to get more soon.   Restocks from Paragrafix, Aztek Dummy, Raven Hood and more.   See the RESTOCKS Page.    More restocks later this week!
We've also just been told that Round 2 has cancelled the Spaceships of the Future set of kits.  At this time we are suspending preorders.   Hopefully this will get rescheduled in the future.

May 1:   We now have the last Monarch kit finally in stock.  The Dracula/Jekyll & Hyde set was originally released at the end of 2015 and was only available directly from Monarch.  They then shut down at the beginning of 2016.   
We are also taking preorders for the Deluxe Metal Flying Sub coming from Moebius.  This is a 1:32 metal hull Flying Sub with lights, sound, and a resin "wave" base to display the model.   These are expected at the end of 2017, but like everything, there could be delays.  We are requiring a $500 down payment to be made with Pay Pal. This is non refundable.    Please see the product listing for full details.  

April 28:  We have restocks on Bandai Star Wars kits, including the AT-AT, and these are now at a lower price.   Also restocks from MPC, New Ware, and JTGraphics.    See the RESTOCKS Page. 

April 25:   Moebius Models has announced their first Star Trek kit!   It will be a 1:350 kit of the USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond.   We are now taking preorders for this, the Lost In Space Robot Glass Dome and Deluxe kits, and many more NEW kits from Moebius.    Moebius has also announced a Diecast Metal Flying Sub, similar to their Jupiter 2 from several years ago.  I will set up preorders and down payments for that later this week.  


April 16:

The new issue (and last issue) of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller will be in stock this week.    We expect this to be very popular.  We also have the special Robot issue of Amazing Figure Modeler.   While you're shopping, don't miss the Star Wars issue of Fine Scale!

April 8:  We're expecting the new all Robot issue of Amazing Figure Modeler in the next week or two.  Add yourself to the waiting list to be notified when it is here!  We also have the new Star Wars issue of Fine Scale Modeler in stock now!  The Proteus figures will be available soon!

March 21:  Quite a few updates today!  The Refit Enterprise has arrived!    Also check out the Restocks page for more from Bandai, Round 2, New Ware, Aztek Dummy, Paragrafix, and more. 

March 4:  The Proteus is in stock. 

February 28:  Another new preorder kit from Round 2!

Preorder Etiquette

It’s time to remind everyone about the Preorder Reservation process.

We take preorders on products that have been announced and that we reasonably expect to be able to deliver to you.   Preorders allow us to know how much product to order to ensure that we have enough product on hand when it becomes available.   We contact you when the product is about ready to ship and payment is due at that time.   Once I send you notice for payment, that means I have purchased a kit for you and you are expected to pay for it.

Most people pay for the kits they have ordered.   I appreciate that.   Unfortunately, there are customers that place preorders and then do not pay for their orders.   Some of them order multiple products and do not pay for them.  Please understand that if you are not going to pay for your orders, I cannot continue to take preorders from you.   This has been our policy for several years. 

If you are not going to pay for your order, please do not place a preorder. 

I’m a pretty reasonable person.  I’d much rather sell you models than cut you off from preorders.   However, I can’t afford to sit on  inventory that people ordered  and did not pay for.   Unpaid preorders for December alone total more than $10,000.     So please don’t get angry with me when I won’t accept further preorders from you.

Thank you for your understanding.  Thank you for your business.  I extend my appreciation to the thousands of customers that support the CultTVman Hobbyshop.

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