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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. Serving you since 1998! We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feat ure decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars models and other favorites.


August 29: The Cutaway Enterprise will be shipping the week of Sept 1. Please submit your payment at this time. The Mars Hopper from Pegasus is coming in the next week or so.

Orlando IPMS: I will be attending the Modelpalooza IPMS Orlando Show on Sept 18-20. Hope to see you there! Visit their WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO.

August 23: I've added lots of "scratch and dent" and "open box" kits to the GARAGE SALE section. Plus you'll find a lot of other products discounted further. And there are some good deals on clearance items! Check out the GARAGE SALE page!


August 22: Shipping this week is the 1:72 Cylon Raider two pack from Moebius. We also have restocks from Moebius, Space Model Systems, and Paragrafix. See the RESTOCKS Page.

August 14: Happy Friday! Lots of restocks in the CultTVman Hobbyshop from Paragrafix, Round 2, Moebius, and more. See the RESTOCKS Page.

I've added more car models over at CarModelsUSA with more to come.

*Free Economy Shipping on orders over $100 for US customers. International customers will get a $10 discount on orders over $100. Offer applies to product that is in stock. Not good on Preorders. Offer may end without notice.

August 5:
The Y-Wing from Bandai has arrived! We also have restocks from Aztek Dummy, TenaControl, VoodooFX, Madman, Bandai, Wave, and DLM. See the RESTOCKS Page.

New in the shop

August 4:
I'm back from Galacticon. It will take a couple days to get all the orders shipped out. Thank you for your patience!

New Preorder items from Moebius

July 26 updates:
We have a couple new light units from TenaControl, plus restocks from Paragrafix, TenaControl, and Aztek Dummy. See the RESTOCKS Page.

New from TenaControl:

July 24:
We are now taking preorders on the Mars Hopper from Pegasus Hobbies. This is for people that are not purchasing direct from Pegasus Hobbies.

July 21:
The new issue of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller has arrived. The Interstellar Ranger will be in stock and shipping approximately July 28. We are taking payment now. Restocks from LVM Studios and JTGraphics. See the RESTOCKS Page.

I'm off to Galacticon in Seattle from July 31 to August 3, so we will not be shipping at that time. I hope to see you there. I'll be helping out at the Moeibus Models booth.

July 17: Several new items today! Plus, on the Restocks page, the Icarus from B&T Studio and Snowspeeders from Bandai

July 16 update:
restocks from Paragrafix on the See the RESTOCKS Page. Expecting the Interstellar Ranger and Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike very soon. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller 38 will be here soon. More Icarus resin kits shortly! Stay tuned!

July 9 update:
Several new items this week. Plus a few restocks from DLM and Paragrafix. See the RESTOCKS Page. We're expecting the Interstellar Ranger in the next week or so. I will send out payment requests as soon as I know the kits are on the way. I'm also expecting the Star Wars Speeder Bike from Bandai soon

July 4 - The 1:1000 scale Romulan Bird of Prey from Polar Lights is now in stock. We've added a number of kits from Starcraft. We also have a number of restocks from Round 2 and Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller. See the RESTOCKS Page.

New in the shop:

June 26: The Alien Commander Kane kit from Polar Lights has arrived

June 25: We've added several new preorder items today

June 18:
The 1971 Ford F10 Pickup from Moebius Models is in stock over at CarModelsUSA. We have a few restocks from Moebius, Round 2, and Glencoe. Added a few more Garage Sale kits to the RESTOCKS Page.

June 14:
New 2 foot Icarus is now available. I've added a few restocks from Acreation, Jimmy Flintstone, Glencoe, Round 2, and odds and ends to the RESTOCKS Page. Still catching up from Wonderfest!

June 11: We have the Bandai Snowspeeder in stock, and the figures for the Earth vs the Flying Saucer kit. Bandai Star Wars restocks are listed on the RESTOCKS Page. Very limited numbers!

*Free Economy Shipping on orders over $100 for US customers. International customers will get a $10 discount on orders over $100. Offer applies to product that is in stock. Not good on Preorders. Offer may end without notice.

June 6: Working on updates to the shop and catching up from Wonderfest. Never enough of me to go around! I've added a number of new items today. Plus restocks from Amazing Figure Modeler, Aztek Dummy, the Vanguard Satellite from Round 2, T2 figures from Pegasus, and more. Check out the RESTOCKS page

Various upcoming preorders