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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. Serving you since 1998! We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Space:1999 models and other favorites.

September 20:   USS Grissom/Klingon Bird of Prey is here!    The latest Star Trek kit from Round 2 has arrived.  This is a 1:1000 scale, 2 kit set.   We also have the new 1989 Batmobile and Joker Getaway Car, each with a resin figure.

September 6:    Restocks from Moebius, Pegasus, Round 2, Aztek Dummy.   Please visit the Restocks Page  for the complete list

September 2:  We are now taking preorders on the new Return of the Jedi Darth Vader figure from Bandai.    This is expected in late 2018

August 28:  We have a couple new listings on the site, including the new Lost in Space poster from Ron Gross.   Check them out.  Plus a few restocks listed on the Restocks Page 

August 22:   The B-Wing Special Edition is now in stock.  This is the kit released at San Diego Comic Con in July.  It features different markings and details, an LED light unit, and an alternate pilot.  Limited numbers!


August 17:  Two more Bandai Star Wars kits coming this fall up for preorder now.  

August 15:   Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper is here!   (Or, aren't you a little short....).   We've also got a few Penny Robinson action figures available, plus restocks from Bandai and Paragrafix.   See the Restocks Page 


August 7:  We have a couple new Bandai Star Wars kits!  More Bandai kits listed on the Restocks Page 

July 29:   A couple more new Star Wars kits coming from Bandai.   These are now listed for preorder.    Please note, with the Bandai kits, distribution is not consistent.   I cannot guarantee that I will be able to fill all the preorders with the first shipment of product.    It just depends on how many kits I can get and when they can get to me.   

July 28:   New action figure from Executive Replicas is in stock..   Arkhalla, Queen of the Vampires is a premium action figure.   We are also taking preorders on a couple more upcoming figures from Executive Replicas.   Very limited.   We are requiring a deposit on these preorder figures.

July 25:   Please note that we are no longer accepting International Money Orders.  It is getting to be too difficult to cash these at banks or the post office.   I am sorry about this.

July 24:   We are now taking payment for the Joker and the Robot Dome sets.  

July 12  We've got these new vinyl figures from X-Plus of the creatures from the holo-chess game in the Star Wars movies.   Imported from Japan and limited availability.  

July 8:  We have an updated phone number:   770-797-5533.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM.     We may not always be able to answer the phone, so leave a message, or email if you need to contact us.  

Our new warehouse is located at 248 E. Crogan St, Suite 202, Lawrenceville GA 30046.   It's a warehouse, not a hobby shop!   

June 24:    Space 1999 Hawk has arrived!

June 22:   Adding some more new product from Wonderfest!  Plus restocks from Paragrafix and more Warehouse Sale additions.   See the Warehouse Sale listing, and the Restocks page.

June 14:   I've started posting the new products released at Wonderfest!    Tonight we have the new Graveyard Scenes kits - The Executioner and The Ghastly Gallows.   Also new paint masks for the upcoming Hawk kit and some replacement heads.   More to come.

June 12: The new Lando Calrissian Millennium Falcon from Bandai has arrived.    This is a pretty impressive looking kit.   Its a larger format box than the other Bandai Star Wars kits.  The box is more than 15 x 12 inches.   

June 8:   The USS Defiant is in stock and shipping!     We're now operating out of our new warehouse and offices in Lawrenceville GA.   We're not fully moved in yet, but should be by Monday.    Between new products arriving, returning from Wonderfest, moving to the warehouse, and updating the site, things are just a bit of a mess.    But we're working long days to get all your orders shipped out!    I have a bunch of new things for the shop, more news to post.   Stay tuned. 

June 6:   We're back from Wonderfest and are busy catching up on all the orders.   Thank you for your patience.   We've also got some big news from Moebius Models to share today.    They just announced a new 1:8 scale 2001 EVA Pod.   This will be a large, detailed kit with and interior and designed for lighting.    We are now taking preorders.

May 5:  Now taking preorders on the next Star Trek kit from Moebius.

March 1:  BIG NEWS!   Round 2 has announced a 1:350 Klingon K't'inga, tentatively scheduled for Fall 2018 release.  This 24 inch model is based on the four foot miniature as it appeared in Star Trek The Motion Picture and a will be designed for lighting.   A separate lighting kit will be available.    

We are taking preorders at this time!

We are also taking preorders for the Deluxe Metal Flying Sub coming from Moebius.  This is a 1:32 metal hull Flying Sub with lights, sound, and a resin "wave" base to display the model.   These are expected at the end of 2017, but like everything, there could be delays.  We are requiring a $500 down payment to be made with Pay Pal. This is non refundable.    Please see the product listing for full details.