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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. Serving you since 1998! We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars models and other favorites.

November 29:  And today we have Sci-Fi Sunday shopping deals.   Also, all issues of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller are $20!  All Starcraft kits are 20% off.

November 28:  It's Super Saturday!  Discounts on Comic Book Models!   Check out all the Super Saturday Savings!   Also, Black Friday deals are good all weekend.

November 27:  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!   Our Black Friday Sale is underway.   And the Flying Sub showed up today in the warehouse!

November 26:  Happy Thanksgiving!   The Black Friday sale has started.  There are some $10 kits, discounts on all back issues of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller, Comic Hero kits, Galactica display models, Dark Shadows, and more.

Based on information from Round 2, we are expecting the new 22-inch Eagle to arrive around Christmas or New Years.   Given the holiday shipping season, we cannot promise these will be available before Christmas.  

November 25:  New 1:72 Mercury Spacecraft is in stock.

November 24:
  Yes, we will have some Black Friday deals.   Check back soon!   The following kits will be shipping next week:

November 18:  restocks on some Bandai Star Wars kits.  Limited numbers.  Please see the RESTOCKS Page.

November 16:  We are now taking preorders for the Fantastic Voyage Proteus!

November 12: 
Just a note that I have updated the shipping estimates on the Space 1999 Eagle.  The package is larger than originally expected and so rates will be higher than originally estimated.   International orders will have to be sent at the Priority International rate.  Please see the Eagle page for updated shipping rates.   Please let me know if you wish to change your preorder.  This is now expected to arrive in late December 2015 or maybe January 2016.

November 10:  Bandai Force Awakens X-Wings are here.  Very limited numbers

November 6:  New in the shop are the Level 2 Force Awakens kits from Revell.  We also have the detail set for the Mars Hopper from Paragrafix and restocks from Round 2, Bandai, and Paragrafix.   RESTOCKS Page.

New in the shop:

November 4:  We've received a small number of Bandai Falcon and Slave One kits.  VERY LIMITED NUMBERS!  We also have the Mars Hopper back in stock from Pegasus.   More restocks from Pegasus on the the RESTOCKS Page. We'll have Revell Force Awakens kits in stock Friday or Monday.



October 27: We've got a couple new items in the shop. The '89 Batmobile reissue is here, along with a new art print from Ron Gross. Also restocks from Aztek Dummy on the RESTOCKS Page.


October 22: The new edition of Spaceships in Miniature has arrived. We have restocks from Spaceships in Miniature, a few Bandai Star Wars kits, lights from VoodooFX. Earth vs the Flying Saucer aliens, and a few other items. See the RESTOCKS Page.

October 18: We have listed Revell's reissues of the Fine Molds kits. These kits are being offered at Early Bird Preorder Prices and the price will increase when the kits are in stock. These are some of the best SF kits ever produced. Revell is issuing them in limited numbers. Don't miss out!


October 13: Coming in November is the long awaited 1:30 scale Classic X-Wing from Revell. This was originally released in Germany in 2014 and is finally going into production for a US release. This kit is almost 18 inches long when assembled. The price is higher than originally announced two years ago. If you have previously preordered this kit, we will be following up with you. If you want this kit, please submit your preorders promptly!

I will start taking preorders on the Revell/Fine Molds reissues this week. And if you are interested in the Revell Force Awakens kits, please submit those preorders.

October 10: New preorder items from Atlantis. The 1:72 Viper Mk VII kits will be shipping this week, as will the 50th Anniversary Lost in Space kits from Moebius




October 7 updates!

Boba Fett and Slave One from Bandai arrived today. We also have new SF3D kits from Wave. There are restocks from Wave, Bandai, DLM, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller. See the RESTOCKS Page. Next week we'll have the reissues of the Chariot and Pod, restocks on the Jupiter 2, and the 1:72 Viper Mk VII from Moebius. More to come.

October 5: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller 39 is here! Plus lots of restocks from Paragrafix!

Plus I am now taking preorders on the Revell Force Awakens "Level 2" kits.

And taking preorders on the USS Excelsior from Round 2. The link on this now works

October 1: The new Level 1 Star Wars kits from Revell are in stock. We also have the Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino!

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