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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. Serving you since 1998! We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars models and other favorites.

NOTE:  I have updated the Terms & Conditions page.   Please make sure you have read it.   There are important updates for International customers.


August 20:  The TIE Interceptor from Bandai is here.  The Convair Atlas from Horizon has arrived.  We have restocks from Bandai, Moebius, Aztek Dummy, Horizon and Paragrafix.  Check out the RESTOCKS Page
August 15:   Lots of new items, preorders, and restoccks.   The Penguin from Moebius Models will be shipping this  week!   I am also very pleased to offer The Enterprise 1701 and The Model Maker, by the daughter of Richard Datin, who built the original model.    N. Datin McDonald has kindly autographed the books for us.   New Trek items are up for preorder from Round 2.  And we have the new San Diego Comic Con Exclusives from Moebius!    Restocks from Space Model Systems, Lunatic Fringe, and Red Planet are listed on the RESTOCKS Page

New preorder items:

July 25:  restocks from VoodooFX and Round 2.  Please see the RESTOCKS Page

July 24:  We have purchased a large collection of older, out of production kits from the original Polar Lights, Round 2, Moebius, Monarch and more.  Only one of each, so they may go fast.  Please see the full list on the RESTOCKS Page


July 21:  The new Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller is here.   The reissued Phantom will be in stock this week. 


July 17:   We now have the reissued smooth 50th Anniversary Enterprise up for preorder. 


July 13:  We are busy catching up on shipping.  Thank you for your patience.   The Enterprise light kit from Round 2 is back in stock, along with the Batmissile.  A new Bandai kit has arrived.  And now taking preorders on the Modelling 1999 magazine.  Restocks from Moebius, Paragrafix and Aztek Dummy.

July 5:  Shipping Delays - We will not be shipping July 7 to 11.  Normal shipping will resume on July 12.   Thank you for your patience.

On the RESTOCKS Page.,  we have more from Round 2, Aoshima, Red Planet and more

July 2:   The Clone Trooper is now available.    We have restocks from Bandai, Aztek Dummy, and TenaControls. We also have 2001 figures from Executive Replicas.  Please visit the RESTOCKS Page.

June 28:   We have one new item in the shop today.  Plus restocks from New Ware, Round 2, LVM Studios, and SF&FM.   Please visit the RESTOCKS Page.

June 15:  You know, I thought I had caught up, but I now have a bunch of new preorder listings today!   Many of the new kits from Moebius that were announced at Wonderfest are available for preorder.

June 14:  
I think this is the last post Wonderfest update, which means I am pretty much caught up with all the new stuff.   2001 fans will want Adam Johnson's new book, a follow up to his 2001 The Lost Science from a couple years ago.   I've added the Robby/ID Monster set for the 1:144 C-57D which debuted at Wonderfest.  And the upgraded Bridge sets from Creature Arts & Don's Light and Magic are in stock.  These have been revised to better fit with the revised Bridge kit from a couple years ago.   Last, we have a some autographed Nick Tate photos for those of you that could not join us at Wonderfest. 

June 13:  
I've been cleaning the warehouse and have listed a bunch of new Scratch and Dent kits.  These are priced to sell.  Batman for $12, Vipers, 1:350 Refits for $65, and more. Very limited numbers.  Also restocks from Round 2, Moebius, Bandai and JTGraphics.   Everything is listed on the RESTOCKS Page.

June 12:   Added several more premium action figures from Executive Replicas.  These will all be very limited.  If you are interested in these, you will need to preorder them.   I'm not going  to have a lot on hand.


May 28:
   We've got a couple new preorder items, several new kits from Japan, and restocks from Paragrafix and more.  See the Restocks Page.

New Preorders:

Recent Preorder kits: