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Android Light Unit from MechaLabs

Android Light Unit from MechaLabs

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Part Number:ML-02
MechaLabs is now offering this resin cast unit containing several LEDS to light up you Polar Lights kit. This unit contains two light circuits.
  • The Mouth Circuit - A deep cavity with 4 LEDS that glow orange/red when the circuit is activated. The 4 LED's are mounted sideways to provide diffuse lighting simulating neon tubes. The light box prevents light from bleeding through to other parts of the robot. 
  • The Eye Circuit - This is a blinking circuit that alternately blinks the eye lights at the same rate as shown in the tv series. The LEDS appear opaque white when no lit and glow red when illuminated. 
Runs on a 9 volt battery All the circuitry and electronic components are cast the resin housing. Simply glue the unit into the kit and hook up a battery. The ribbon cable can be run through the bottom of the robot and you can store the bettery in the base. The two circuits can be operated independently.

You will need to supply your own Polar Lights kit.


Lost In Space Robot from Polar Lights
In Stock - Available to Purchase

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