50th Anniversary Classic Spaceship Electronics kit from TenaControl
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50th Anniversary Classic Spaceship Electronics kit from TenaControl

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electronics for your classic 1:350 spacecraft
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New, upgraded light kit based on the restored studio model lighting.   This utilizes LEDs to simulate the rotating nacelle effect.  This unit includes lighting for  Navigation, Strobe, Impulse and Shuttle bay.   Use this with the Large Spaceship Light kit from Paragrafix  for a complete lighting solution.

NOTE: Some experience with electronics is recommended.  Some soldering is needed, but most of the components are preassembled.  

NOTE:  This does not include the Large Starship interior lights sold separately.

You get the following units:

  • Two fully assembled LED Fan Effect Boards (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • One  fully assembled Nav/Strobe/Impulse Engine Board 
  • Two 3mm Shuttle Bay White LED's 
  • One  3mm Navigation Green LED
  • One 3mm Navigation Red LED 
  • Two 3mm Navigation White LED's
  • Two  3mm Impulse Engine Red LED's 
  • Two  3mm Strobe White LED's 
  • Shrink tubing for some connections 
  • Wiring Instructions 
  • 9 volt battery clip

These units include fully detailed and illustrated instructions.  

The video below shows the Tenacontrol circuits installed.

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