Advanced Starship Lighting (1:1000 scale) from TenaControl
Advanced lighting circuit boards

Advanced Starship Lighting (1:1000 scale) from TenaControl

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Advanced starship lighting
Part Number: Tena-147
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Advanced lighting system for your 1:1000 scale Discoprise starship, including the newest kits.    This all electronic system features chasing nacelle lights, internal lights, navigation strobes and more.

This kit includes  
  • 2 fan effect boards
  • 1 navigation/engine board
  • multiple white, red and blue LEDS
  • LED strips for internal lights and chillers
  • Momentary Switch
  • Resistors
  • Shrink tubing for some connections
  • Wiring Instructions
Some soldering for LEDs is required.  Recomended for people with some electronic experience.   Model kit sold separately

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