Apollo 10 CSM with LM and LES 1:72 model kit from Dragon Models- $59.99 early bird price - PREORDER RESERVATION
Apollo 10 box cover

Apollo 10 CSM with LM and LES 1:72 model kit from Dragon Models- $59.99 early bird price - PREORDER RESERVATION

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Early Bird price 59.99
Retail Price:$69.99
All new 1:72 plastic model kit
Part Number: DRW-11003r1pre
This is a PREORDER RESERVATION and it is expected in summer 2020.     Please understand that there may be production delays.   Please see the Preorder instructions below..  

New 1:72 scale kit of the Apollo 10 Charlie Brown and Snoopy space vehicles which went to orbit the moon and return.  This was a rehearsal flight for the Apollo 11 moon landing.   This model includes a highly detailed kit of the Command and Service Module, along with Landing Module.  The cone is molded in clear so you can see the LM inside the rocket.

This is a model kit that you assemble.

  • Transparent lunar module adapter
  • Launch escape motor 
  • Display stand
  • Launch escape tower and aft boost cover can be separated 
  • Egress platform with delicate detail
  • Reaction control thrusters 
  • Ddocking target and VHF antenna 
  • S-band steerable antenna and rendezvous radar antenna can be folded up/down
  • Docking Probe Assembly 
  • Aft heat shield 
  • Engine and landing radar antenna

The Apollo space program aimed to put man on the Moon, and the final dry run was the Apollo 10 mission launched on 18 May 1969.  The LM was nicknamed “Snoopy”, while the Command Module (CM) was called “Charlie Brown”. This was the fourth manned mission and it immediately preceded the successful Moon landing of Apollo 11. 

Dragon’s plastic spacecraft kit represents key components of the Apollo 10 mission – the LM, CM and nosecone of the rocket. Each segment is beautifully detailed in 1/72 scale.  Of special note is the unique transparent cone of the rocket that allows a clear view of LM “Snoopy” that’s snugly installed inside! Though the LM goes inside the cone, no detail has been spared. The plastic model has been produced in this way so that modelers can see and appreciate the “innards” of their spacecraft. 

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