Apollo 11 Lunar Approach 1:48 KIT from Dragon
Lunar Approach box art

Apollo 11 Lunar Approach 1:48 KIT from Dragon

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A 1:48 scale version of the Lunar Approach with LM and CSM
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Dragon will be releasing a 1:48 scale plastic kit version of the Lunar Approach.   This is larger than their previous kit.   You'll need to supply the paint and glue and put it all together.  Some of the features of this model include:

Dragon’s 1/48 scale model features the Eagle LM still coupled to the Columbia CSM on its approach to the Moon. The spacecraft modules possess accurate detail, and this kit conveniently provides them both in a single box. Having the two modules connected like this makes for an impressive sight when they’re exhibited on their integral display stand. The set also features an adapter to combine the two modules together. Furthermore, the kit makes for an interesting education lesson, allowing modelers to understand more about this milestone event. Dragon is here providing a 1/48 scale kit that will serve as a magnificent desktop display piece thanks to its outstanding size and uncompromising detail.

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