Apollo 11 Saturn V 1:72 KIT from Dragon
Apollo Saturn V box cover

Apollo 11 Saturn V 1:72 KIT from Dragon

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Dragon has produced a kit verison of their 1:72 scale Saturn V rocket
Part Number: DRA-11017
Dragon will be releasing a plastic kit version of their 1:72 scale Saturn V.  That is about 5 feet tall.   You'll need to supply the paint and glue and put it all together.  Some of the features of this model include:

  • Slide-molded S-ll second stage w/J-2 engines
  • Propellant reproduced
  • detailed Apollo launch escape system (LES)
  • detailed Command Service Module (CSM)
  • CSM reaction control thruster
  • CSM gimbals motors
  •  detailed service propulsion system
  • intricate aft interstage
  • cable tunnel
  • auxiliary propulsion system
  • aft skirt represented
  • pattern on bottom of S-lC first stage
  • Slide-molded S-lC first stage w/F-1 engines
  • display stand
  • accurate decals
  • stages can be assembled separately

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