Automotive Light Kit from TenaControl
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Automotive Light Kit from TenaControl

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LED light system for your car kits
Part Number: Tena-115
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Lighting effects for your 1:25 scale car model.   Effects include
  • daytime driving lights on
  • high beams
  • left and right turn signals
  • rear brake light
  • rear back up lights
  • hazard lights
Features Automatic mode which cycles through all the effects. 

The circuit board is assembled with a 12 volt battery holder and micro On/Off slide switch.  You will have to wire up the LEDs and attach the JST connector to the mating connector on the board.

The magnetic reed switch allows you to toggle through all the light modes, just by using the enclosed supplied magnet.

  • One (1) fully assembled board - just connect the LED's.
  • One (1) battery clip for 12 volt battery and 12 v battery.
  • One (1) on/off switch wired to the board.
  • One (1) magnetic reed switch.
  • One (1) magnet.
  • Shrink tubing.
  • Red, Orange and White LED's.
  • Miniature 8 wire JST connector.
  • Detailed instructions

Some soldering is required and experience with electronics is recommended.

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