Autopsy Table - Cult's Creepy Castle Kits
Autopsy Table built and painted

Autopsy Table - Cult's Creepy Castle Kits

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Autopsy Table designed for 1:12 scale monsters! Build your diorama
Part Number: CP-013
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Two part resin Autopsy Table is designed to go with your 1:12 and 1:13 monster figures such as the 70's Aurora Monsters, Moebius kits, Monsters of the Movies figures, and Graveyard Scenes figures.   Designed by Brad Hair.  The Autopsy Table is shown here with the Monster from The Operation set.   Figure is not included.

Cult's Creepy Castle Kits are a new "mix and match" set of panels and parts that allows you to build your own castle, dungeon, laboratory, or other gothic monster setting for your favorite 1:12 scale monsters.

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