Beauty and the Beast, Bob and Kathy Burns - Monsters of the Movies from Moeibus Models

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New figure kits of Bob and Kathy Burns, from Moebius Models
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Beauty and the Beast - Bob and Kathy Burns is a deluxe version of the Mighty Kogar Monsters of the Movies kit.   It is limited to 125 kits, and each kit is signed by Bob and Kathy.   This model set features a second figure kit of Kathy Burns, the woman behind the man in the ape suit.   The Kathy Burns figure is styrene plastic and resin, with Kathy's likeness sculpted by Ray Santoleri.   This special, limited edition kit is a CultTVman Exclusive.

The Kogar model is a new kit in the Monsters of the Movies line from Moebius Models. This 1:12 scale plastic model kit showcases the classic movie ape Kogar, portrayed by Bob Burns. The kit also features bonus heads of Tracy the Ape from TV's Ghostbusters, and Bob Burns himself.  Box art by Vincent DeFate.  Kogar is sculpted by Jeff Yagher.  Photos show a test shot on display at Monsterpalooza in April 2012

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