Classic Starship 1:1000 Lighting from TenaControl
circuit board and wiring

Classic Starship 1:1000 Lighting from TenaControl

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Spinning nacelles and blinking running lights for your 1:1000 classic starship
Part Number: Tena-116
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This is a new lighting unit for the 1:1000 classic starship.   It provides a simulated nacelle effect and running lights.  One disc appears to spin clockwise, while the other moves counterclockwise.

2 assembled nacelle LED circuit boards
1 assembled circuit board for the navigation and rotation effects
2 wired red and green LEDs for the navigation lights
2 wired white LEDs for the upper and lower domes. 
wire and shrink tube
battery clip

This unit comes with detailed instructions.   Electronics experience is recommended.  Some soldering required.

You'll need to modify the nacelle pylons on the kit to run wires to the engines.

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