Concept Space Shuttle set from AJAmodels
box art with diagrams of shuttles

Concept Space Shuttle set from AJAmodels

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Set of 3 early shuttle concepts
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Three early "Passenger Space Shuttle" model kits featured in Vol 2 of  '2001: The Lost Science'.  Three 1/160th scale models in one box!  These three designs directly inspired Harry Lange to design the Orion III for 2001: A Space Odyssey..... In scale with the Aurora/Moebius Orion III kits.   Includes Bases and Decals.   .  Kit designed and produced by Adam Johnson.   The three shuttles include Dornberger-Ehricke early 1955 shuttle, Dornberger-Ehricke late1955 shuttle, and Bell Aerospace 1960 shuttle.

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