Creative Effects for your Model Railroad with Star Fleet Assembly Manuals -  by Paul M. Newitt
Creative Effects for our Model Railroad and StarFleet Assembly Manuels

Creative Effects for your Model Railroad with Star Fleet Assembly Manuals - by Paul M. Newitt

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This book from Paul M. Newitt, features 200 pages of information about electronics for models. Packaged with StarFleet Assembly Manuals 1-3
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This is a special bundle of Creative Effects for your Model Railroad, along with StarFleet Assembly Manuals 1-3

All copies of Creative Effects for your Model Railroad are autographed by the author and includes an updated information sheet for Sci-Fi model builders.  

“Creative Effects For Your Model Railroad” is a book by written and produced by Paul M. Newitt, author of the StarFleet Assembly Manuals.   200 pages full of basic modeling and scale electrical techniques, including LEDs, flashing circuits, electroluminescent, fiber optics and more.  This book is for ALL scale modeling, not just Model Railroading.
Here’s what’s in this fantastic book!:
  • Basic Power Supplies (incl. 9-12 volt).
  • Fine Wire Gauge, Connecting and Soldering Wires.
  • Switches, Fuses, Relays, Diodes, and Resistors (chart) explained.
  • Working with Circuit Boards and Troubleshooting with a VoltMeter.
  • All about LEDs (with detailed resistor chart!).
  • Working with Fiber Optic; how to attach LEDs.
  • Animation Sensors / Control Linkage to animate dioramas.
  • Scale Sound Systems / Speakers.
  • Theatrical Gels and Specialty Lighting.
  • Four Pages of product sources.
  • Two-Page SFAM Technical Update page with new information!
  • Each copy signed by Author Paul M. Newitt 
This book was originally published in 2005.   200 pages.  Over 500 photos.

StarFleet Assembly Manuals 1-3

by Paul M. Newitt. Ultimate Modeling Edition.  This is a reprint of the first three Starfleet Assembly Manuals with additional new material. Paul provided the original negatives for the books, so these look as good, if not better than the originals. You can throw your pirated copies away! 

StarFleet Assembly Manual 1 covers the basic construction of the AMT 18" Enterprise. Everything from removing the parts from the sprue, to gluing, puttying and sanding. This is the basics of building models!

StarFleet Assembly Manual 2 shows you assembly of the original AMT Klingon Battlecruiser and Romulan Bird of Prey kits.   It includes basic lighting and battle damage techniques

StarFleet Assembly Manual 3 returns to the Enterprise with advanced building, painting and lighting. It shows how to install electronics, as well as accurately detail the kit. 

Updated material discusses the exact color of the Enterprise, lighting the K-7 Space Station, and building a Galileo diorama and much more

All 3 books featured little bits of Trek technology too. Additional material includes a new introduction by Paul describing the story behind the original publications. 

New appendices include several pages of corrections, a new comprehensive listing of reference material, an updated article on the color of the Enterprise, factoids on the studio models, tips on building the Polar Lights kits [thanks to Jay Chladek], short articles on lighting the K7 space station, building the Nomad model seen on Enterprise, building a shuttle hanger bay. There are reprinted diagrams from Mandel and Drexler's Officers Manual, and a nice update by Paul as to what he's been doing these last 25 years. 

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