Creature - Box Art Tribute #10 from Pestilence Labs
Aurora Tribute #10 built up

Creature - Box Art Tribute #10 from Pestilence Labs

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Replacement head and nameplate for the Moebius kit
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Pestilence Labs brings you Box Art Tribute #10, a tribute to our favorite Devonian Creature!   Sculpted by Jeff Yagher.    This kit replicates the classic Aurora box art the 60’s faithfully and in high detail!!  The assembled model stands approximately 13” on the base, and requires very little to no clean-up.  The kit comes with:  Certificate of Authenticity, Retro Instructions, Glossy Box Art inside the box, and a limited Mani-Yak 5” Sticker!   The kit is composed of 10 high quality Resin Cast parts, and requires building and painting skills, and is not recommended for anyone under 15 years of age.

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