Cult's Creepy Castle Kits Expansion Set
expansion set unpainted parts

Cult's Creepy Castle Kits Expansion Set

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Diorama kit designed for 1:12 scale monsters! Expands upon the Starter Set
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Cult's Creepy Castle Expansion Set set comes with 6 sections: two wall sections,  and four floor sections.  The photos show the Expansion set (unpainted) attached to the Starter Set (sold separately)   This is designed to expand the started set so yo will have a Creepy Castle diorama that is 3 units wide and 2 units deep.   Each wall unit is 8x4 inches and each floor section is 4x4 inches. The walls are designed to fit together easily. Glue them together and putty up your seams. Individual panels are also available.  Figures are sold separately.

Cult's Creepy Castle Kits are a new "mix and match" set of panels and parts that allows you to build your own castle, dungeon, laboratory, or other Gothic monster setting for your favorite  1:12 and 1:13 monster figures such as the 70's Aurora Monsters, Moebius kits, Monsters of the Movies figures, and Graveyard Scenes figures.

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