Cyclops from 7th Voyage of Sinbad - from X-Plus
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Cyclops from 7th Voyage of Sinbad - from X-Plus

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New plastic model of the Cyclops
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All new plastic model kit from X-Plus.   Kit includes Cyclops and base with caged sailor.  Model is about 9 inches tall, in the Aurora style. Photos show prototype that has been built and painted.  Final product may differ. 

The Cyclops is featured in one of Ray Harryhausen’s most beloved adventure movies. This exquisitely detailed plastic model kit is based on scenes from Ray Harryhausen's 1958 iconic movie masterpiece. First encountered by a group of sea-faring adventurers on a mysterious island, the captain and his crew nearly meet their end at the hands of the ferocious giant as they attempt to escape from its hot pursuit.   Upon returning to the island,  they are captured and caged by the Cyclops,  ready to be made into a feast for the monsters. It is this memorable scene that the Cyclops plastic model kit is based on. The fearsome beast, its formidable spiked club in hand, watches guard over a caged sailor. With a separate wooden cage, open at the back to so as to appreciate these extra, finer details, the thrilling scene is set for the hero’s confrontation with the towering creature.

Please note, this is imported from overseas and there may be delays.

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