Cylon Raider 1997 reissue from Revell
Cylon Raider box cover

Cylon Raider 1997 reissue from Revell

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Revell's reissued classic Galactica kits from 1997.
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This is a sealed kt.   Due to the age of the kit, the decals may not be usable.   Because of this, the model is sold as is, with No Returns.

Revell's reissued classic Galactica Cylon Raider from 1997.

Please note, this is a vintage kit and no longer in production. Boxes may be have shelf ware or distortion due to age and shrinkwrap. Decals may be unusable. Replacements are simply not available. Although it is factory sealed and believed to be complete, it is sold "as is" and cannot be returned.

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