Duel Chasing Bussards - 18
circuit boards

Duel Chasing Bussards - 18" 1:650 scale Starship - LED Unit from TenaControl

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Duel light unit simulates spinning effect.
Part Number: Tena-106
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Duel LED lighting unit, with three speed settings, simulating spinning discs.   This was designed for the AMT 18" starship.  Each unit contains 9 LEDs - one red LED that is always illuminated and eight amber LEDs that chase.  The unit includes a momentary switch to change the chasing speed, and a battery connector.  Each disc measures about 7/8 of an inch.   The discs chase in opposite directions.

Use with the DLM clear dome units on your favorite spacecraft.

This easy to use, preassembled unit just needs to be wired up and installed in your model kit.   It is recommended you solder the wiring connections.  Illustrated instructions are included.

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