EVA Pod - 1:8 scale - LIGHT KIT from VoodooFX
EVA Pod with lights

EVA Pod - 1:8 scale - LIGHT KIT from VoodooFX

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Light your new space fighter from Moebius Models
Part Number: VFX-065
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Complete lighting kit for the Moebius kit.   This kit provides components to light the interior of the cabin and the exterior spotlights.   This kit requires electronics and soldering experience.   
This unit is designed for use with Yah Monsters acryillic LED mounting system (sold separately)

Photos show light kit fully installed in model.  

The kit includes:

  • 45 LEDs
  • 51 resistors
  • 2 circuit boards
  • 2 9-Volt battery snap.
  • 2 switches
  • 12 feet of wiring
  • Shrink tubing.
  • difussion materials
  • instructions
NOTE:  This unit requires some electronics experience for assembly

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