EVA Pod Complete Light Set & Remote from TenaControl
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EVA Pod Complete Light Set & Remote from TenaControl

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Light effect unit for your EVA Pod kit
Part Number: Tena-144
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Lighting set for the Moebius kit.   This board offers complete lighting effects for the internal panels, headlights and HAL light, along with a remote control unit.   The four button remote control allows you to activate each light section of the model kit, including a "demo" mode that activates all the light effects.  

This kit includes  
  • Control and RC Transmitter
  • multiple LEDs, resistors
  • warm white, blue, red,  and green double density LED strips
  • twisted wire
  • Micro JST Connector with wires
  • Instruction manual and warranty

This board will work on a  9 or 12 volt DC 2 ampere supply.

Recomended for people with some electronic experience.

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