Gemini Spacecraft with Spacewalker 1:72  from Dragon Models
Gemini Capsule box art

Gemini Spacecraft with Spacewalker 1:72 from Dragon Models

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1:72 scale kit of the Gemini capsule. Inclues astronaut figures
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This Gemini kit is 1:72 scale and includes astronaut figures.   Nicely detailed kit from Dragon.

  • Fully detailed cockpit interior newly produced
  • display stand
  • preformed wire tether
  • spacewalker included
  • capsule hatches can be assembled open/closed
  • chute cover can be assembled open/closed
Project Gemini encompassed two unmanned and ten manned spaceflights from 1964-66. The NASA program was designed to develop space travel techniques with a view to putting man on the Moon under the subsequent Apollo project. One of the highlights of Gemini IV was the first American spacewalk, which occurred on 3 June 1965. On that occasion Ed White performed the first ever extravehicular activity (EVA), his foray outside the spacecraft lasting 23 minutes. All ten Gemini missions blasted off aboard Titan II rocket systems from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The set includes a Gemini spacecraft as well as a spacewalking astronaut. The capsule could carry two astronauts, and indeed this kit boasts two crewmen. Modelers have the option of displaying the exterior hatch open, which allows a good view of the interior of the cramped spacecraft, or closed. 

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