Glow Vampirella (Gonzales version) - 1/8 scale  from X-Plus
Glowing Vampi

Glow Vampirella (Gonzales version) - 1/8 scale from X-Plus

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Glow Vampirella kit!
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As expected, X-Plus will be producing a Glow-in-the-Dark version of the Gonzales Vampirella kit.   This will be molded in red and glowing pink plastic.  

Vampirella’s commanding gaze will thrill you in this finely detailed model based on José González’s artwork.   First designed by José González in 1969 and later in September 1972’s Super Special Issue,  the artwork marked the introduction of Carol de Haro as the real life model for Vampirella, appearing on covers and in comic strips throughout the 70’s.   X-PLUS has recreated the pose in immaculate detail, from the individual strands of hair, to the signature vampire bat perched atop Vampirella’s outstretched, delicate hand.  Vampirella features an entirely new, but particularly thematic base to stand upon.  A mound of bones and skulls rest at her feet. Fans may notice that these aren’t human skulls, but ones belonging to fellow vampires, with the telltale hint of fangs on each.

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