Haynes Model Builders' Manual by Mat Irvine

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Mat Ivines's book covers all aspects of the model hobby
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Mat Irvine has written this manual covering the basics of model building, advanced techniques, as well as the history of the hobby, production processes, and displaying and collecting models.  The book includes information on all genres of the hobby - cars, military, planes, figures, and science fiction.  This hardcover book is fully illustrated with hundreds of color photos spread out over 188 pages.    Mat Irvine is a model builder, collector, and historian.  He's written several books on the hobby including Creating Space and Scale Spacecraft Modeling.   Mat is well known as a visual effects artist, working on the classic Doctor Who television show and many other BBC programs.    Chapters include:

  1. In the beginning
  2. The manufacture of a model kit
  3. Scale
  4. The range
  5. Tools, cenemnt and a place to work
  6. Paint
  7. Basic building
  8. Decals
  9. Displays and dioramas
  10. Alternative and advanced techniques and the future
  11. Collectng vs. building
  12. Clubs, competitions, displays and photography
  13. Appendix:  references and model companies

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