Hunchback - Box Art Tribute #11 from Pestilence Labs
Tribute kit built

Hunchback - Box Art Tribute #11 from Pestilence Labs

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Tribute Art model kit from Pestilence Labs
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From Pestilence Labs comes their next installment of the Box Art Tribute line, the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Sculpted by Jeff Yagher, this kit is 1/6 Scale and makes a beautiful replication of the original Box Art by Aurora.  The kit stands approximately 15” tall to the top of the Cathedral Background.  Kit includes two optional heads that can be interchanged, replicating the two Box Art releases, as well as two different Nameplate options.  This kit is Resin and requires model building skills, but requires very little, to no, clean-up.  Kit comes with Retro Assembly Instructions, Box Art paint reference, Mani-Yak Sticker, and Certificate of Authenticity.   Photos show professionally assembled and painted model kit

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