Imperial Warship Markings decals from Decal Alternatives/SMS
Imperial Warship alternative decal sheet

Imperial Warship Markings decals from Decal Alternatives/SMS

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Various Imperial decals designed by Rick Sternbach
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Alternative decals for the Klingon warships, designed by Rick Sternbach.   These decals can be used on a variety of models, scales, and surface paint colors.   Use them to add extra detail to starships controlled by the Empire.   There are additional surface markings which can represent vents, hatches, antennae, ports, thrusters, etc.   Use your imagination.   Various ship names are represented and the accompanying text provides Starfleet Intelligence documentation.     

The accompanying text picks up from the narrative featured on the Intrepid Low Observables with the further mission of Starfleet Intelligence Specialist Carolyn Hagey and veteran analyst Dr. Marjorie Capello as they try and decipher Klingon transmissions and data.  

Special thanks to Marc Okrand, Daniel Holmes, and Geoff Mandel for help, guidance and inspiration on this set.

The complete parts 1-3 of Carolyn's Story are posted and can be downloaded on the main CultTVman website.   Part 4 will follow

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