Invaders UFO light kit from TenaControl
lighting unit

Invaders UFO light kit from TenaControl

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Light effect unit for your Invaders UFO
Part Number: Tena-123
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New lighting kit for the Invaders UFO.  Works with any reissue of the kit including Revell/Monogram and Atlantis.   This unit features two different light effects - chasing LEDs for the top of the saucer, and fading LEDs for the bottom engines.   You'll need to add strip LEDs for the engines, such as the EasyLEDs from Paragrafix.  Includes a magnet switch to control the speed of the "rotation."

Kit includes:
  • two assembled circuit boards
  • battery clip
  • magnetic switch and magnet.
You'll need to provide the model kit.  Requires a 9 volt battery.

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