Invaders UFO light kit from TenaControl
lighting unit

Invaders UFO light kit from TenaControl

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Light effect unit for your Invaders UFO
Part Number: Tena-123
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New lighting kit for the Invaders UFO.  Works with any reissue of the kit including Revell/Monogram and Atlantis.   This unit features two different light effects - chasing LEDs for the top of the saucer, and fading LEDs for the bottom engines.    Includes a magnet switch to control the speed of the "rotation."  Includes all LEDs needed.

Kit includes:
  • two assembled circuit boards
  • battery clip
  • magnetic switch and magnet.
  • one yellow LED strip
  • 5 flat green LEDs.
You'll need to provide the model kit.  Requires a 9 volt battery.

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