K-Cruiser lighting COMPLETE  from Tenacontrol
K-Cruiser circuit board

K-Cruiser lighting COMPLETE from Tenacontrol

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Lights for your Voyager starship
Part Number: Tena-140
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COMPLETE light set for the Polar Lights 1:350 kit.      Features  navigation and strobe lights, glowing impulse engine, interior lights, front and rear torpedo effects, and torpedo sound effects.  

Parts included:
  • fully assembled Control board
  • 9 volt Power Adapter
  • multiple White LED's
  • multiple Red LED's
  • multiple Orange LEDs
  • 1 Red LED Strip pre-wired
  • 2 WHite LED Strips pre-wired
  • wiring and shrink tubing 
  • speaker
  • momentary switch
Includes detailed, illustrated instructions.   Previous experience with electronics is strongly recommended.  

Model kit not included.  

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