KBOP lighting 1:350 scale  from Tenacontrol
KBOP circuit board

KBOP lighting 1:350 scale from Tenacontrol

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Lights for your KBOP
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New lighting effects kit for the Bird of Prey kit.   This kit provides all the static interior lights,  pulsating engine, and torpedo firing . This board is powerful, yet small enough to fit inside the model kit.   The torpedo effect illuminates the torpedo tube before starting the three torpedo bursts. 

Kit includes control board, 6 white pre-wired SMDs, 1 green pre-wired SMD, 1 red LED strip for engines, 1 white LED Strip for internal lights, shrink tubing, momentary switch.

Includes detailed, illustrated instructions.   Previous experience with electronics is strongly recommended.  

Model kit not included.  

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