Martian War Machine Light and Sound kit from TenaControl
Circuit board for War Marchine

Martian War Machine Light and Sound kit from TenaControl

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Light and sounds for your Pegasus model
Part Number: Tena-117
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Advanced light and sound kit from TenaControl.  This unit provides multiple light and sound effects.   You get "in flight" mode with pulsing green lights and hovering sounds.  There is the "firing" mode with strobing green LEDs on the wing tips with sound effects.  There is the "eye" mode where the eye unit pulsates red and white with firing sound effects.  Finally, there is a "dying" mode where the War Machine shuts down. 

Kit includes:
  • multiple green LEDs
  • one wired green LED strip
  • one wired red/white LEd
  • assembled circuit board
  • two speakers
  • resistors
  • battery clip
  • three switches
  • wiring
  • shrink tubing 
  • detailed instructions

You'll need to provide the power supply.  This unit requires some soldering.   It is recommended that you have some electronics experience for assembling this kit.

You can see a demonstration of this light kit by TrekWorks on YouTube

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