Moonbus Rockets and Thrusters resin parts REVISED from Paragrafix

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Revised resin thrusters and rocket details for the Moebius kit
Part Number: Para-128
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Resin thrusters and rocket details for the Moebius kit.  Every piece has been completely redesigned for the utmost in accuracy. The parts count has been reduced to make construction easier as well as improve overall accuracy.

NOTE:  Images have not been updated yet.

Included in this set are:

  • Replacement "shoulder pads" that include the eight RCS thrusters and extra surface detail
  • Replacement rocket engines: two for the front and four for the rear
  • Replacement rear wall, exact in every detail, including for the interior.
  • 0.02" brass rod for the rocket engine piping.

22 resin parts including 6 rocket engines that match studio miniature and 9 RCS thrusters.  Brass rod for the engine piping is also include along with a  replacement rear wall for the kit.

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