NEW: Dune Atreides Ornithopter - 1:72 scale - from Meng
Dune Ornithopter box cover

NEW: Dune Atreides Ornithopter - 1:72 scale - from Meng

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New kit from Dune!
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New 1:72 scale Atreides Ornathoptor!   This will be about 13 inches long with a 25 inch wingspan.   The kit will include a display stand, two sets of landing gear, adjustable wings blades, a cockpit with figures.

from Meng: 
Now, the remarkable flying machine from the Dune universe is available as an intricately designed model kit. It stands as a prized addition for Dune fans and a new challenge for modelers. This kit accurately captures the Atreides ornithopter's intricate details, from its agile wings to its landing gear. Every part is carefully crafted to offer a highly realistic representation and provide maximum enjoyment during assembly.    MENG will release the DS-007 1/72 Dune Atreides Ornithopter model kit officially licensed by the Legendary Pictures. The model has a wingspan of 720mm and a length of 318mm once assembled. This kit includes transparent parts for the cockpit canopy, fine decals, and a display stand. Let’s check the details.

The cockpit canopy is represented by a combination of frame components and transparent parts.   The gear mechanism inside the fuselage allows for independent control of each pair of wings, enabling the left and right sections to perform flapping motions up and down together.  The wings can rotate, retract and unfold as per the settings.   The kit includes two sets of interchangeable landing gear systems, reproducing both the landing and flying modes.   This kit includes a stand for the flight mode.   

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