NEW: Mosasaurus Imaginary Skeleton - 1:32 scale from Bandai
Mosasaurus box cover

NEW: Mosasaurus Imaginary Skeleton - 1:32 scale from Bandai

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New Mosasaurus skeleton from Bandai
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All new plastic model kit from Bandai.   Kit is 1:32 scale and measures about 14 inches when assembled.    

From the Imaginary Skeleton series, comes "Mosasaurus" as the third full-scale skeleton model!   The intricate details of the skull are faithfully reproduced, including the scleral ring that protects the eyeballs from water pressure and the intramaxillary joint that facilitates swallowing of prey. The special double row of teeth in the upper jaw, which indicate that this species is closely related to snakes, have been reproduced. The ribs and rib cage are reproduced in a refined shape that seems to be a compromise between water pressure compatibility and nimble movement. Reproduction of the details of the fin-like limbs, which have more joints and are specialized to enable flexible water scratching movements. The base features ammonites, rudistids (special cup-shaped bivalves) and other marine creatures that lived in the same region at the same time as Mosasaurus. 

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