NX-01 Combo Effects Kit from TenaControl
circuit board in engine

NX-01 Combo Effects Kit from TenaControl

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Amazing, compact lighting unit for your NX-01 models
Part Number: Tena-114
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This is an amazing new lighting unit for the 1:350 NX-01 featuring multiple effects. This kit features several special lighting effects:
  • Navigation Lighting
  • Strobe Lighting
  • Glowing Impulse Engine
  • Red Bussard Plasma effect

The kit includes

  • assembled control board
  • bussard circuit boards
  • white, green red and blue LEDS
  • blue strip LEDS
  • wiring
  • shrink tubing
  • 9 volt battery connector.

This unit comes with detailed instructions.   Electronics experience is recommended.

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