Here is a listing of the most recent restocks in the CultTVman Hobbyshop

October 1

Vintage kits:

September 29 restocks

From Red Planet

from Graveyard Scenes

September 19 restocks

from AJAmodels

from Moebius Models

Halloween Michael Myers from Moebius Models (2017 reissue)

September 9 restocks

from Aztek Dummy

1:350 NX-01 Painting Masks from Aztek Dummy

September 6 restocks

from Paragrafix

September 1 restocks

from Paragrafix

Shuttle Bay photoetch detail for 18" AMT starship from Paragrafix

August 29 restocks

from Bandai

From Tamiya 

The full line of Tamiya acrylic paints

August 26 restocks

From JTGraphics

August 23 restocks

from Aoshima

from Hasegawa

Schwarzerhund - Unmanned Interceptor Groserhund - 1:20 Maschinen Krieger (SF3D) from Hasegawa

from Suyata

from Master Box

Jackie - Dangerous Curves Series 1:24 scale from Master Box

August 19 restocks

from Graveyard Scenes

The Mutated Fly Scientist Deluxe figure and base - Graveyard Scenes

August 17 vintage kits

August 14 vintage kits

August 11 restock

from Lake Monster

Bird of Prey Wing Hinge set from Lake Monster

August 10 vintage kits

August 8 restocks

from Atlantis

from Bandai

from Aztek Dummy

other kits

Tamiya Paints

August 6 vintage kits

August 5 vintage kits

August 1 restocks

from Acadamy

from Moebius

from Pegasus

from Round 2

from AJA Models

from Paragrafix

July 29 restocks

Vintage and rare kits

July 28 restocks

Vintage kits

Refit Enterprise 1:537 from AMT/Ertl - Star Trek V reissue

July 26 restocks 

from Aztek Dummy

from Schiffer Books

from Moebius

July 13 restocks

from Atlantis

from Paragrafix

from Red Planet

from JTGraphics

July 12 restocks

from Round 2

from Space Model Systems

From Red Planet

from Jimmy Flintstone