Rocketman 1:6 scale Premium Action Figure from Executive Replicas

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Rocketman George Wallace action figure with deluxe accessories
Part Number: ER-102
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The Rocketman was featured in many classic films and serials from the 1950's.  George Wallace portrayed the Commando Cody character in the 1952 serial Radar Men from the Moon.   He was also featured in Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe and Zombies of the Stratosphere.  This premium action figure from Executive Replicas features a likeness of George Wallace.  It comes with a metal helmet and jetpack.  He is equipped with a metal ray gun and deluxe metal cannon.  This also features a metal control panel and radio.  He is dressed in a leather jacket with deluxe clothing that includes pants, shirt, tie, sock and a leather belt.   This 1:6 scale figure includes a fully pose-able body, with alternate hands.  It even includes a special 3-inch metal spaceship.  Limited numbers available.  

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