Romulan/Starfleet Markings decals from Decal Alternatives/SMS
Romulan and starship alternative decal sheet

Romulan/Starfleet Markings decals from Decal Alternatives/SMS

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Various warship and starship decals designed by Rick Sternbach
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Alternative decals for the Romulan and Starfleet ships, designed by Rick Sternbach.  This deluxe decal set includes three sheets of decals featuring emblems, insignias,  ship names, various hardware shapes.  These decals can be used on a variety of models, scales, and surface paint colors.   Use them to add extra detail to starships controlled by the Romulan Empire or your Federation fleet.   There are additional surface markings which can represent vents, hatches, antennae, ports, thrusters, etc.   Use your imagination.   Various ship names are represented and the accompanying text provides Starfleet Intelligence documentation for the Romulans, as well as the Federation markings.    

Like the previous decals sets, this includes the beginning of Part 3 of Rick's short story, which provides a background story to go with these markings and ships.   Carolyn's Story Part 3 - Scales of Time and Space picks up from part 2, which was included with the Imperial Warship Markings decals.   Part 1 of the story was included with the Intrepid Low Class Observable decals.  

Parts 1 and 2 of Carolyn's Story are also posted on the main CultTVman website.    Part 3 will be added later.

Romulan and STarfleet decals

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