Shuttlecraft LIGHT kit from VoodooFX
Shuttle with lights

Shuttlecraft LIGHT kit from VoodooFX

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Shuttle lighting system
Part Number: VFX-070
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Light kit for the 1/32 scale Shuttle from Polar Lights.   This unit features lights for the nacelles, rear impulse, red rear lens, head lights, interior console, interior ceiling.  The lighting effect for include color changing LEDs for the nacelles, RGB color fading console, and shifting soft white to aqua blue impulse engines. All features are adjustable using Ardunio IDE.

Kit includes:  

9 Volt battery snap
On/Off switch
Ardunio circuit board.
LEDS and resistors.
LED strip
Shrink tubing.
Ribbon wire / hook up wire
Instructions included

Some soldering required.   Previous electronic experience is recommended.   This kit comes with a battery clip but a wall transformer is recommended.

Shuttle model kit must be purchased separately.  

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