Space in Miniature #1.1 The New Spacecraft Primer by Michael Mackowski

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A reference guidebook for scale spacecraft builders
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Space in Miniature is a series of reference guides for modelers of the space age. SIM #1.1 is an updated version of the first book in the series. It includes over 60 diagrams, photos and other illustrations.   40 pages.   Chapters include:
  • An Introduction to Real Space Modeling
  • Judging Guide for Space and Science Fiction
  • A History of Space Modeling in the IPMS/USA
  • Examples of Scratchbuilding
  • Accurizing the Revell Astronaut
  • Landsat 4 and Solar Max
  • Ariane
  • Delta Clipper Experimental
  • Orbital L-1011 and Pegasus
  • X-30 NAP
  • Kit Reviews

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