Space in Miniature 9 Building Gemini by Michael Mackowski
Book cover showing various Gemini models

Space in Miniature 9 Building Gemini by Michael Mackowski

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A reference guidebook for Gemini model builders
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Space in Miniature is a series of reference guides for modelers of the space age. SIM #9 covers the Gemini space program.   Michael Mackowski details nine different models of the Gemini two-person spacecraft. These include some standard NASA versions as well as some proposed Gemini variants that never made it off the drawing board. 

This is an all-new book is loaded with over 200 photos of work in progress of the following model projects:

  • Gemini IV
  • Gemini VII
  • Gemini XI with Agena
  • Rogallo Wing Capsule
  • Manned Orbiting Lab (MOL)
  • Big G
  • Winged Gemini
  • Lunar Rescue Gemini
  • Gemini to Mars
All are in 1/48th scale except for a 1/24th scale Gemini IV and a 1/72nd scale Mars mission concept and use a variety of kits and scratch-building. This book documents those builds, including how to correct the old Revell kits, and presents a bit of background on the “lost Gemini” projects that were never built. The result is the largest SIM book to date, covering a unique collection of nine historical and theoretical Gemini models built over a span of four years.   

72 pages with black and white photos.

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