Starfury Mark I Special Edition from Revell-Monogram
Starfury box cover

Starfury Mark I Special Edition from Revell-Monogram

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This is the 1998 release of the kit.
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This is a sealed kit.  Because of the age of this kit, the decals may not be usable.   This box is in good condition.  Kit includes the pin.   This model is believed to be complete, but because it is open, it is sold "as is" with no returns.   

From the series Babylon 5 is this the original Starfury kit . Produced by Revell-Monogram in 1998. This version of the model included a collectable Babylon 5 pin and expanded decal sheet.   Out of production and getting difficult to find!

NOTE:  This is a vintage kit and should be complete.  However, if there are missing parts or other problems there is no way to replace  them.   Because of this, it is sold "as is."

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