Starship multi-timing Nav/Strobe board from TenaControls
Nav/Strobe Multiboard

Starship multi-timing Nav/Strobe board from TenaControls

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Nav/Strobe circuit board
Part Number: Tena-151
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Circuit board for the navigation and strobe lights on various starships.    This is preprogramed with multiple flashing patterns for the Refit, Reliant, Voyager, Starship-D, Starship-E, and even Into Darkness.  The timing can be chosen by placing the shorting shunt on the appropriate header pins. This unit is very small and fits inside the hull of most kits.    This board can also be used in any model or applications where these effects will highlight your build. The board size is extremely small, less than 1 inch by 1 inch.

Also includes one micro JST Connector with wires.   This board will also work on 9 or 12 volt DC supply.

Please Note:    This a board only.   No LED’s are provided and must be purchased separately.   This is for navigation and strobe flashers only!

Some soldering for LEDs is required.  Recommended for people with some electronic experience.   Model kits sold separately

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