Tyrannosaurus Imaginary Skeleton - 1:32 - Bandai SCRATCH AND DENT
T-Rex box cover

Tyrannosaurus Imaginary Skeleton - 1:32 - Bandai SCRATCH AND DENT

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New T-Rex skeleton from Bandai
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We have a few kits with minor box damage and are selling at a discount.  No returns on these.

All new plastic model kit from Bandai.   Kit is 1:32 scale and measures about 14 inches from head to tail.    This kit is based on the latest theories and scientific knowledge.  The kit is posed as if it were about to leap.    The kit faithfully reproduces the special instep that supported a weight approaching 10 tons.    The "wishbone" located at the base of the shoulder, supports both short but strong arms, and reproduces the traces of stress fractures caused by strong impact.  The long tail, which is a weapon and keeps the balance of the center of gravity of the body, has small bones connected to the tip and expresses its delicate shape.   The base reproduces the plants of the Cretaceous period.   

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