US Space Missiles - 36 missile set - from Atlantis
US Space Missiles box cover

US Space Missiles - 36 missile set - from Atlantis

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Reissue of the Monogram kit
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Reissue of the Monogram   kit.  Features 36 missiles.  The bottom of the box can be used as a display base.  Includes two scale 1:128 figures and decals.    Includes Hound Dog, Thor, Minuteman II, Atlas, Titan II, Redstone, Jupiter, Spartan, Bomarc, Poseidon, Nike Ajax, Sergeant, Nike Hercules, Corporal, Pershing, Talos, Rascal, Polaris, Rat, Asroc, Lacrosse, Terrier, Honest John, Petrel, Subroc, Lance, Tarter, Falcon, Bullpup, Sparrow, Little John, Hawk, Phoenix, Genie, Sidewinder, and Dart.

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