USS Voyager  CLEAR - 1:1000 scale   SCRATCH AND DENT
voyager box cover

USS Voyager CLEAR - 1:1000 scale SCRATCH AND DENT

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USS Voyager in 1:1000 scale
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We have a few kits with box damage and are selling at a discount.   Models should be fine to build.  They are sold "as is" and at a discount.  No returns on these!

The USS Voyager as seen in Star Trek Voyager.  This is molded in translucent plastic for those that want to light the model.    This is a 13.5 inch kit.  It includes landing gear, clear sensor dish, clear nacelle parts and windows.   The model is designed to accommodate lighting (not included) .  

NOTE:  The "clear" plastic is more of a translucent white that allows the light through.

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