Vampirella - 1:8 scale model kit from X-Plus
photo of prototype

Vampirella - 1:8 scale model kit from X-Plus

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New classic monster kit!
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All new plastic model kit from X-Plus.   Kit is 1:8 scale and comes with graveyard base.  Photo shows prototype.   

The X Plus Plastic Model series has begun!   Out of a deep respect for the legendary “Aurora Plastic Company,” X-Plus has decided to bring back a new line of plastic model kits that still somehow takes you back to the old days.    

The first in the series is the famous comic queen “Vampirella,” illustrated by many different artists over the past fifty years, thanks to her enduring popularity.    This 1/8 scale model features the comic queen striking a pose based on Aurora’s box art for the 1/13 scale plastic model of Vampirella.  The base includes a tomb stone and two bats inspired by her origin story as a vampire.

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