Voyager Electronic Lighting from Tenacontrol
lighting unit

Voyager Electronic Lighting from Tenacontrol

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Lights for your Voyager starship
Part Number: Tena-137
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Complete electronics for your Voyager kit.   This kit comes with fully assembled circuit boards.   You'll need to wire up and solder the LEDs.   Adjustable LED effect for the nacelles, navigation strobes, thrusters,  phasers, and impulse engines.  Includes a remote control board to activate thrusters and change bussard speed.   Fiber optics for small detail areas is not included and must be purchased separately.  Requires a 9 or 12 volt power supply which is not included.
  • assembled light and weapons circuit board
  • remote control board with 4 button transmitter
  • LED strips for warp effect
  • 3 micro JST connector with wires
  • white, amber, green and red wired LEDs
  • 2 speakers
  • resistors
  • wiring
  • shrink wrap tubing
Includes detailed, illustrated instructions.   Previous experience with electronics is strongly recommended.  

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