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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits.  We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, Altantis, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Space:1999 models and other favorites.

Wholesale available through Doll & Hobby GA!  

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About Preorder Reservations:     Please remember that payment is due when the kits are in stock.   When you place a preorder, we are buying a kit for you.     To keep your account in good standing, please submit payment when we send out the notices.    If you do not  pay for your kit, we can no longer accept preoders from you.    My thanks go out to everyone that supports our preorder service and all of you that make CultTVman a success!  Thanks

May 17:   Flash Sale - Summer Reading!  -- All magazines from Fine Scale Modeler, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller, and the Star Fleet Assembly Manual are 30% off.   Sale applies to in stock items only.  Sale ends Monday or when we run out of reading material.   No rainchecks.   The discount is applied at the shopping cart.

May 18:   We've got a few items up for prorder from Moebius and Atlantis.   Moebius will be reissuing the movie version of the Seaview with 8 windows later this summer.    Also Mars Attacks will be available again.   Several new preorders from Atlantis, mostly military, but some have not been out in a long time.

May 16:  We have Flying Saucers!!!  Aliens are coming!  New in the shop from Squadron!

And coming very soon... 

Plus a lot of other Flying Saucers and Martians

Plus  restocks from Aztek Dummy.   Please visit the  Restocks Page for full list.

May 15:   More restocks from Revell Germany and New Ware.   Limited numbers.   Please visit the  Restocks Page for full list.

May 14:   I've launched The Aurora Shop at   Much like, this is a part of the CultTVman Hobbyshop.  But if you are looking for all the available Aurora classics in oneplace, plus all those Aurora inpired models like Moebius, Monarch, and Graveyard Scenes, check out this section

We've also got restocks from New Ware (limited numbers), JTGraphics, and Paragrafix.   Please visit the  Restocks Page for full list.

We'll have the Land of the Giants Snake arriving in time for Wonderfest!  And we'll be announcing the follow up kit from Doll & Hobby there as well.    And the Plan 9 from Outer Space kit will be here soon too!

May 10:  Now, if you go over to the  Restocks Page you will find that we have added a long list of vintage, out of production kits.  And more than a few open box and scratch and dent kits.  These have come from various collections we have aquired.  Some of it has been sitting around for years, hidden behind boxes, or shoved in corners.   We've been doing some cleaning.   We've only got one or two of most of these.     Please visit the  Restocks Page for full list.

Also on the Restocks Page we have restocks from Masterbox, Bandai, Pegasus, plus various tools.   

And on the CarModelsUSA page, we have added whole bunch of automotive kits.    Check out the CarModelsUSA page. 

And then this guy arrived!  

Happy Friday.  Shop till you drop.   

May 8:    New kits announced from Round 2 and Bandai and new preorders listed.    Round 2 will be producing an all new, accurate 1:72 scale Space 1999 Eagle.  This kit will be 14 inches when assembled.   They are also releasing a prebuilt Eagle II 22-inch display model.  This alternate design features different engine pods, and vairent engine tank placement.   And then there is the classic Willys Jeep with Godzilla packaging!    Also announced was a 1967 Chevy Impala from Supernational, but preorder info is not available yet.  We also have the reissued 1966 Batmobile Snap kit in stock.


Bandai is producing a new Star Wars Super Star Destroyer mini-kit.  This 4 inch long, 1:1 million scale kit will be available by itself, or packaged with the mini Star Destroyer. There is another Star Wars Droid kit.  And Bandi has announced Buzz and Woody kits from Toy Story 4!

May 6:   A few restocks on Revell Apollo kits.  They won't last long.   And restocks from Space Model Systems.   See the Restocks Page for full list.

May 4:   we have restocked VoodooFX light kits.   See the Restocks Page for full list.

May 3:   restocks from Bandai and more... See the Restocks Page for full list.

May 1:   We have restocks from Paragrafix.   See the Restocks Page for full list.

April 30:  The USS Discovery is now in stock!   This all new 1:2500 scale kit features the flag ship of the new Star Trek series Discovery.   The kit is about 12 inches and features metalic Aztec decals.   We also have the upgraded "lights and sound" Classic Enterprise from Revell Germany.  This is a reissue of their 1:600 scale kit, with a new lighting unit.    We're restocked the new 1:350 K't'inga from Polar Lights, and we have a couple of the Kelvin Universe Enterprise kits from Revell Germany.     And of course, the USS Kelvin from Moebius Models.   This is a great time to be a Star Trek modeler!

April 29:   We've recieved some of the Apollo reissues from Revell Germany!  Limited numbers at this time.

April 26:    New issue of Damaged is here with articles about the Star Wars AT-AT and great dioramas

and you can still pick up recent editions of Damaged

I've also added some scratch and dent kits and some more vintage kits.   See the Restocks Page for full list.

April 24:  More restocks from Aztek Dummy and Outer Space Outfitters.   See the Restocks Page for full list.

The USS Discovery will be arriving in the next week or so.   We also have the premium Judy Robinson action figure from Executive Replicas arriving in May... and just in time for Wonderfest with Marta Kristen!  We will also be restocking the Penny Robinson figure.   We are expecting the Land of the Giants Snake kit in time for Wonderfest!

April 23:   Another set of vintage kits added to the shop.  These are mostly open box Trek kits plus a few Glencoe kits.   See the Restocks Page for details

April 20:   Restocks from Aztek Dummy.   See the Restocks Page for details

April 19:  Restocks from Atlantis, Bandai, Glencoe, Masterbox, and Revell.  See the Restocks Page. for details

April 18:  I've integrated CarModelsUSA into the main CultTVman Hobbyshop, which will better allow me to serve all my customers from one platform.   There's been a lot of change in internet sales since I launched CarModelsUSA, including marketplace competion (Amazon, Ebay, etc), GDPR, sales tax, and other things.   Plus CultTVman's Hobbyshop continues to grow.  You can check out the car kits in the CarModels USA section 

And we have restocks from Red Planet.   See the Restocks Page. for details

April 16:   The EVA Pod photo etch from Paragrafix has arrived!

April 12:   We have a few vintage AMT Trek kits, including the original Adversary Set.     

April 11:   Everything is Go! has arrived.  This is the classic Mercury Atlas rocket from Revell, reissued by Atlantis.    Plus we have new paint masks from Aztek Dummy for the EVA Pod and Kelvin kits.   
We're expecting the USS Discovery around the beginning of May, along with a restock on the 1:350 K't'inga.   
And lots of restocks from Aztek Dummy, Paragrafix, Yay Monsters, Moebius, Round 2, Atlantis, JTGraphics, Bandai, and more!  Plus some more vintage Trek kits.  See the Restocks Page.

Wonderfest is coming fast!  We hope to see you there in June.  Visit the Wonderfest website for details!

April 9:   Round 2 has officially announced their 1:2500 USS Discovery kit.   We have it up for preorder.    We are still taking preorders for the Discovery and Shenzhou.   The USS Discovery kit should be arriving in early May!


March 27:   The Phantom of the Opera has arrived!   This is a reissue of the original Aurora kit from our friends at Atlantis!   Payment notices for preorders will be going out today!

March 26:  Atlantis has announced another reissue coming soon.    Tom Daniel's Li'l T'rantula is a 1:32 scale snap kit and a companion to the Li'l Red Baron.   Both kits should be coming soon.   New box art will be available soon.

 New lighting products for the EVA Pod from Yay Monsters are in stock.
We also have restocks from TenaControls, Madman Lighting, Aztek Dummy, Yay Monsters, Moebius Models, Pegasus Hobbies, and Horizon.  See  the  Restocks Page

March 21:   Lots of new arrivals today from Round 2.   If you have preorders, please take a moment to pay for your order.   

We'll have the Aurora Phantom of the Opera next week.     I've added some vintage Star Trek kits. Some hard to find kits here.  See the full list on the  Restocks Page

And we have the upcoming Star Destroyer kits from Bandai up for preorder.    There will be a deluxe lighted version, and a standard version.  

March 7:  Several new items in the shop.   We have new Star Wars kits from Bandai

From Atlantis, we have the reissued B-24J Buffalo Bill Bomber!

And finally, from Aztek Dummy, we have paint masks for the Grissom

March 6:   Round 2 has posted updated instructions for the K't'inga model and light kit on their news page

March 1:   The 2001 EVA Pod has arrived!   It's a big, beautiful kit!   We are working to send out all the orders as fast as we can.   Most will be shipped by Monday.

February 13:   Coming from Doll and Hobby GA, the Land of the Giants Snake!   This reissue features all new box art, and a display background to show off your kit.    Coming mid year.    This is the first of a series coming from D&H.   

February 7:   Round 2 has announced two more kits coming this summer from Polar Lights!  The USS Shenzhou from Star Trek Discovery and a reissue of the classic Flying Saucer.

January 30:  Aztek Dummy paint masks for the 1:350 Ktinga have arrived!

January 14:   Annoucning the new Judy Robinson premium action figure from Executive Replicas.    This 1:6 scale poseable action figure features Judy's third season uniform, a laser pistol, alternate hands and a stand.   We are requiring a $50 non-refundable deposit on this item.   

December 11:  The Deluxe Metal Flying Sub will be here this week and we are taking payment if you wish to purchase this wonderful display model.  It features a metal hull, resin base, internal lighting and effects and sounds.    This is an extremely limited, premium display model.    If you recall how quickly the metal Jupiter 2 sold out and became impossible to get.   Don't miss this opportunity!

Upcoming preorder products

We have an updated phone number:   770-797-5533.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM.     We may not always be able to answer the phone, so leave a message, or email if you need to contact us.  

Our new warehouse is located at 248 E. Crogan St, Suite 202, Lawrenceville GA 30046.   It's a warehouse, not a hobby shop!