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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits!

International Shipping Update -  Most international shipping is getting back to normal, but there are still some isolated delays.  Please consider this when you order!    We are still seeing some delays to Australia and Central Europe.  Most orders arrive in 2-3 weeks, but there are exceptions.  Some orders have had excessive delays.  Some (not all) orders to Australia are experiencing long delays of 8 to 12 weeks.   Due to the COVID-19 situation, international shipping may experience delays, due to fewer international flights, fewer employees, and delays in customs.  

The Terms & Conditions/Order Information page has been updated to reflect extended COVID-19 delays for International shipments (Sept. 2020)

Amazing Figure Modeler 70   Glow Forgotten Prisoner

September 19:  The new issue of Amazing Figure Modeler is here.   And we have the Glow Forgotten Prisoner in stock!

Shuttle masks

New paint masks from Aztek Dummy!   Plus some new detail sets from Lake Monster

 2001 Yellow uniform   2001 Red uniform details

and we have two new preorders from Executive Replicas.  These are the 2001 Red and Yellow space suites.  Please note these are only the suits.  The figures are not included.   The earlier action figures are now very difficult to find and very expensive.   We need to submit our orders by mid-October, so please don't delay if you want to order these.

Plus restocks from Paragrafix, Atlantis, Lake Monster and more   See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

Plan 9 Flash Sale

September 18:  Plan 9 Flash Sale!   

"My friend, you have seen this incident based on sworn testimony. Can you prove that it didn't happen? Perhaps on your way home you will pass someone in the dark, and you will never know it, for they will be from outer space. Many scientists believe that another world is watching us this moment. We once laughed at the horseless carriage, the aeroplane, the telephone, the electric light, vitamins, radio, and even television! And now some of us laugh at outer space. God help us... in the future."

Plan 9 from Outer Space Saucers for $12.50.   On sale through the weekend or when we run out of kits.  No holds, no rain  checks, no combining with previous or future orders.   No deposit, no return.   No tresspassing.   No right turns on red.   Do not pass go, do not collect $200.    

Oh the humanity of it all... 

Red Baron vintage box

September 18:   And just when you thought it was safe, here is another preorder from Atlantis.    The Red Baron and his Fokker Triplane is coming late in the year

USS Discovery Display Model  

September 17:  Round 2 has shared images of the Prebuilt USS Discovery DISPLAY model.  This is a fully built and painted version fo the 1:2500 scale kit.   This will be available in October or November if all goes well.    We are now taking preorders.

We also have the Creative Effects for Model Railroads book back in stock!  We are offering the book by itself, or bundled with the legendary StarFleet Assembly Manuals. 

Sept 15:  I was out of the office for a couple days.   Catching up...   Forgotten Prisoner has arrived.  Will send payment notices later today.   I am sorry for any delays!   New items include 

 Bunny Girl   Bikini girl  police girl

Land of the Giants Spindrift

September 9:  The Spindrift is coming!   Doll & Hobby GA has announced they are reissuing the Land of the Giants Spindrift, originally produced by Aurora and latter reissued by Polar Lights.  This new edition features new box art, improved decals, and a full color two-sided display backdrop.   We expect this to be available in early 2021.

 Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde   Apollo 11 1:48 scale

September 9:  Preorder time.. new preorder items from Moebius and Dragon.

Plus restocks from Moebius and Pegasus.   See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

And we'll have another preorder later this week when Doll & Hobby GA announces their next kit.  Stay tuned.

New Pokemon kits

September 4:   New Pokemon kits have arrived!

Galileo Shuttle

September 3:  Round 2 restocks are here!  More Galileos, more Enterprise lights and decals.   Also Aztek Dummy and Graveyard Scenes restocks.    See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates.  Friday should bring us Moebius, Pegasus, Bandai, Revell, and even some Tamiya paint.  Should is the key word here.   Everything seesms to get delayed this week... and last week...   but hey, we get a three day weekend!

September 2:    Atlantis restocks have arrived.  See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

Creative Effects for your Model Railroad   Creative Effects and StarFleet Assembly Manuals

September 1:   We're kicking off September with the arrival of Paul M. Newitt's book, Creative Effects for your Model Railroad.    This wonderful model book features 200 pages full of basic modeling and scale electrical techniques, including LEDs, flashing circuits, electroluminescent, fiber optics and more.  This book is for ALL scale modeling, not just Model Railroading.
Here’s what’s in this fantastic book!:
  • Basic Power Supplies (incl. 9-12 volt).
  • Fine Wire Gauge, Connecting and Soldering Wires.
  • Switches, Fuses, Relays, Diodes, and Resistors (chart) explained.
  • Working with Circuit Boards and Troubleshooting with a VoltMeter.
  • All about LEDs (with detailed resistor chart!).
  • Working with Fiber Optic; how to attach LEDs.
  • Animation Sensors / Control Linkage to animate dioramas.
  • Scale Sound Systems / Speakers.
  • Theatrical Gels and Specialty Lighting.
  • Four Pages of product sources.
  • Two-Page SFAM Technical Update page with new information!
  • Each copy signed by Author Paul M. Newitt 
We are offering the book by itself, or bundled with the legendary StarFleet Assembly Manuals. 

August 31:   The Round 2 shipment seems to be delayed.   It was supposed to arrive today, but now looking like Wednesday.    We are also taking orders on the Galileo again.   

August 27:  I've listed a bunch of restocks from Aztek Dummy, Paragrafix and Escape Hatch.   See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

We have big shipments coming from Round 2, Pegasus and Moeibus, as well as Revell and Bandai next week.  Pretty much all restocks, but we'll have more Galileo, Enterprise lighting, and Revell Apollo kits.  

August 26:   New detail sets from Paragrafix, VoodooFX, Aztek Dummy, Yay Monsters.   For the Invaders UFO we have these lighting accessories.

 aztec windows for Pikerprise   clear bridge for discoprise  pikerprise detail set

For the Disco-prise or Piker-prise 1:1000 kit we have these products.   The photoetch set is coming in mid September.   Note that the window masks are already included in the Aztec mask set so you do not need to buy these if you already have that set.    The window masks are for people using the Aztec decals.

Invaders UFO

August 25:   The Invaders UFO reissue from Atlantis is here.    This is in a square, Aurora style box and includes a clear top section that has not been included in the kit since the original Aurora production.   

Wonderfest has been canceled for 2020.    We just got word late last night that the rescheduled Wonderfest in October has been canceled given the current and ongoing Covid-19 challenges.   Every effort was made to hold the show, but at this time, the organizers have decided it is best to focus on the show in 2021.  Dave Hodge has posted a message about the show on the Wonderfest website and their Facebook page.  We applaud their effort and look forward to seeing everyone in Louisville June 5-6, 2021.    There is nothing like Wonderfest.   To me, it is the best and most exciting model event out there.   We will miss seeing our hobby friends and family, but it will make 2021 even more special.

 Snoopy and the Sopwith Camel box  Snoopy Ice Hockey box cover

August 21:  Two new preorders from Atlantis!  Kits are scheduled for late 2020.

August 19:  Restocks from Tamiya Paint, VoodooFX, Escape Hatch, and more.   See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

Aztec decals

Aztec Decal Instruction Update!!!   If you ordered the Aztec decals for the new Enterprise, please note there is a new set of placement instructions available on the Round 2 website.   Please download these from the Round 2 News Page

Glow Phantom

August 17: Friends, CultTVman's Hobbyshop relies on the US Postal Service to ship about 80% of our orders.  It is our best way to deliver product to you.   Our experience is that the USPS is a good service, cost effective, and provides reliable, dependable delivery of our product. At this time, there is an effort to disrupt, diminish and impede the services of the US Postal Service. Please contact your Senator and Representative to show your support for the US Postal Service. You can easily do this using a service called Resistbot. Text USPS to 50409 using your phone. You will need to provide your address so the service can identify your congresspersons. I did it. You can do it. Please.  Support your online businesses.  Info at Resistbot Thank you!

Atlantis has announced the Glow Phantom and we are now taking preorders.

And we have some restocks from Aztek Dummy and more.  See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

1:350 Discovery box cover

August 13:  Discovery Update!  We have new details and photos and pricing on the 1:350 Discovery.  This kit will be about 17 inches with over 200 parts.   Expected later this fall.    Preorder now!

August 12:  Galileo Update.  Kits arrive and we are packing and shipping.   The following items are now in stock and ready to ship.   

August 9:   Return of CultTVman's Creepy Castle Kits!    We're restocked a number of these including Shock Treatment, the Castle Panel Starter and Expansion sets, High Voltage and more.

 Dawn action figure     Bettie Page action figure   

New arrival and preorders from Executive Replicas.     The new Dawn premium action figure is in stock.  And we are taking preorders for the upcoming Bettie Page premium action figure and their Naughty Bettie display bust.

Plus restocks from JTGraphics,  See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

Boba Fett is returning.   This kit has been unavailable for a year.   I've actually set it up for preorders.   Hope to have late August or September

Free Shipping Offer

*Free Shipping Offer continues!   Free economy shipping on orders over $125.  This offer is for US Customers only, excluding AK, HI, and PR.   Offer applies only to product that is in stock.  Important!  This offer does not apply to Preorders!   This offer is for a limited time only and may end without notice.   No rain checks.  Orders will be shipped using the lowest rate from USPS or UPS.    International customers, and Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico residents get a $10 shipping discount on orders over $125.  Free shipping applies only to orders over $125, not multiple separate orders. 

August 4:   New detailing sets from Aztek Dummy and Lake Monster Models!    Aztek Dummy has a new set of masks for the Polar Lights 1:1000 Discoprise kit (aka Pike-R-Prise)

Lake Monster Models is continuing the legacy of Don's Light and Magic.   The owner was a friend of Don's and worked with him on some projects.    These are the first products to return.  

Plus more Star Wars restocks from Bandai, as well as restocks from Pegasus, Aztek Dummy, and Paragrafix.   See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

July 30:  Star Wars restocks from Bandai, including the AT-AT, which has been unavailable for a while.    Check out all the Bandai Star Wars kits

Plus restocks on Tamiya paint, Aztek Dummy masks and more.    See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

July 24:  Flight of the Vampire is here!  We have restocks on the Enterprise and Enterprise light kit!

CarModelsUSA banner

July 22:  CarModelsUSA arrivals!  Several new automotive kits are now available.

 Godzilla Glow kit   Blackbeard

Compact Pussycat  Mean Machine

July 21:  New preorder kits!    Round 2 is going to reissue the original Wacky Races kits.   Atlantis is putting out the Aurora Godzilla in the Glow box, along with a reissue of Blackbeard.

About Preorders:   Please do not duplicate your preorders.   I just deleted 40 duplicate preorders for Enterprise Decals and 20 for the Galileo.  Some people put in 3 separate preorders.   This really messes up my numbers.   Go to your My Account page and click to view the Order History page to see all your previous orders including Preorders.  

July 17:   Adding several new items to the shop

July 14:   New arrivals!   Classic Starship Grid Marking Compass for the 1:350 Polar Lights kit.   New Bond car kit.   Plus lots of restocks from Glencoe, Paragrafix, Aztek Dummy, Bandai and more!   Lots of Star Trek restocks from Round 2

See the  Restocks Page  for all the updates

New Enterprise box art

July 10:   The Enterprise and light kit will be back in stock around July 14.  We are taking payment at this time.    The Aztec decals are now expected in early August.  

July 9 more!   We've also added a couple new light kits from VoodooFX!

Free Shipping Offer

*Free Shipping Offer continues!   Free economy shipping on orders over $125.  This offer is for US Customers only, excluding AK, HI, and PR.   Offer applies only to product that is in stock.  Important!  This offer does not apply to Preorders!   This offer is for a limited time only and may end without notice.   No rain checks.  Orders will be shipped using the lowest rate from USPS or UPS.    International customers, and Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico residents get a $10 shipping discount on orders over $125.  Free shipping applies only to orders over $125, not multiple separate orders. 

Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, Altantis, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Space:1999 models and other favorites.    Wholesale available through Doll & Hobby GA

Tamiya Paint chart

June 12:   We have added Tamiya acrylic paints to our inventory after many requests.   We'll see how this goes and expand if they are popular.  Right now we have the small 10ml bottles and some spray primer.   Check them out.  Hope this meets your needs.   Please note that paints must be shipped Surface or Ground mail and are available only in continental US.   No international sales on these.  They cannot be shipped airmail. 


May 26:   New issue of Fine Scale Modeler is in stock, featuring the Space 1999 Hawk!   This  a 7 page article by Jim James and includes the Paragrafix photoetch

May 17:  I've added a bunch of upcoming kits and preorder items, including this new Yamato kit molded in translucent yellow plastic.  It should be here late this week.  Add yourself the waiting list.

Dragon Saturn 1B

April 14:  Dragon has announced a new 1:72 Saturn 1B kit.    This is expected in the summer, but as always, there could be delays.    We are taking preorder and requiring a $25 non-refundable deposit.    Two other Apollo kits have been announced by Dragon.  We are offering a special Early Bird preorder price in these three kits.

Classic TV Enterprise

April 3:   Just announced from Round 2/Polar Lights!   The Classic USS Enterprise Display Model!  This is a fully built and painted display model of the 1:350 scale model, measuring almost 3 feet long.   Currently scheduled for release in the Fall of 2020.     Further details to be announced.    This is now available for preorder, requiring a $100 non-refundable deposit.    We are offering a special Early Bird Preorder offer, with Free Shipping on orders in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii).  International customers and Alaska and Hawaii customers will get a $30 discount.     This Early Bird offer may end without notice.

March 26: I've been posting video updates to You Tube, Facebook, and occasionally Twitter.   Check them out on the  CultTVman YouTube page.

February 11:   Executive Replicas continues their 2001 line of products with the Clavius base space suit.  This is a premium 1:6 scale suit.  Figure is not included.    We need to submit orders by the end of February so the opportunity to buy is very limited.   We are requiring a $100 non-refundable down payment.   

 Cyclops and Chariot from D&H    

January 20:   Arriving this week is the Lost in Space Cyclops and Chariot from our sister company Doll & Hobby GA.   This is a reissue of the Polar Lights/Aurora kit but with some improvements!  The kit comes with additional resin figures of Dr. Smith and Judy Robinson.    The decals have been improved and the model features a full color two-sided backdrop to display your model with.   We've also created dynamic new box art!   This kit will be shipping later this week.   We are also offering the Land of the Giants Snake diorama at a discounted price this week.   
Upcoming preorders

About Preorder Reservations: Please remember that payment is due when the kits are in stock. When you place a preorder, we are buying a kit for you. To keep your account in good standing, please submit payment when we send out the notices. If you do not pay for your kit, we can no longer accept preorders from you. My thanks go out to everyone that supports our preorder service and all of you that make CultTVman a success! Thanks

We have an updated phone number: 770-797-5533. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM. We may not always be able to answer the phone, so leave a message, or email if you need to contact us.

Our new warehouse is located at 248 E. Crogan St, Suite 202, Lawrenceville GA 30046. It's a warehouse, not a hobby shop!