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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits!
When is a kit coming out? - See the Kit Release Calendar (updated 11/27/2022)
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Holiday Shopping Guide

Check out CultTVman's Holiday Shopping Guide!   And CultTVman's Stocking Stuffers!

December 6:   We're pretty much caught up with current orders for the Galileo and Parts Pack.   If you did not get your payment notice, drop me a note.

We have added the 2022 Art of Ron Gross Calendar, with Lost in Space artwork, and images from other Irwin Allen shows.   We also have the Space Clipper decals from JTGraphics.

Art of Ron Gross 2023

The Art of Ron Gross - 2023 Calendar - Lost in Space and more

Clipper decals from JTGraphics

Space Clipper decals 1:72 scale from JTGraphics

The Guillotine is arriving this week.  Watch for payment notices if you preordered. 

K-7 Space Station box cover

Round 2 has announced more kits for early 2023, and we are now taking preorders!

PREORDER: K-7 Space Station (2023 reissue) 1:7600 scale from Round 2

PREORDER: Klingon Bird of Prey (2023 reissue) 1:350 scale from Round 2

PREORDER: Star Wars: TIE Interceptor 1:48 scale from Round 2


December 4:  Just a brief update here.   We have been swamped with orders.   The volume is unprecedented and the Galileo Parts Pack is among our all time top selling products.     We have been working long hours to get your orders shipped.   We should have most orders placed through Friday shipped out by Monday.   The weekend orders will take another day or two.    I had to go out of town this weekend, which is slowing us down.  Good news is that the flu bug has passed.    Thank you for your continued patience. 

I have a few items to add this week, some new preorders from Round 2 will be added shortly.   We have some restocks coming this week!   Guillotine is on the way to us.

A few other updates.   The ALL NEW Chariot model is about to go into production at the factory.   It will be arriving in early 2023, but not sure when.  We hope to get it shipped to us Chinese New Year.  Keep your fingers crossed.     The Fly from Monarch is now looking like January.   Another minor delay.  Sometimes these things happen.    Wolfman and Mummy should be coming soon, but Atlantis also has a minor delay.    

Get your Christmas and Holiday shopping completed EARLY to avoid shipping delays.  This is the heaviest December we've ever had for shipping.   

My thanks to everyone for your continued support of the CultTVman Hobbyshop.   We love spaceship and monster models and you do too!   2023 is going to be another great year based on all the kits announced and knowing that Round 2, Atlantis, X-Plus and others are working hard to produce new and wonderful models for us.

Galileo with interior

December 1:   Yes, the Galileo with interior has arrived, along with the Interior Parts kit for those that already have the model.   We also have the Podracer and Monkeemobile.

Galileo Shuttle with Interior (Complete Kit) 1/32 scale from Polar Lights

Galileo Shuttle Interior PARTS PACK- 1/32 scale from Polar Lights

The Phantom Menace - Anakin's Podracer reissue from Round 2/AMT

The Monkeemobile 1:25 reissue from MPC/Round 2

Shipping delays: We are swamped with Galileo orders and my helper is out with the flu.   Please allow us a few extra days to get your orders shipped.   I apologize for the delays, but we are working as quickly as we can to ship everything.  Thank you for your patience!

The Guillotine box cover and built model

The Guillotine is coming!    We're expecting in the next week or so.    

PREORDER The Guillotine - Special ArtBox Edition from Doll and Hobby GA

November 28:  Our Black Friday Sale has ended.    We still have many many items on sale.    Check out our ON SALE Page for all our discounted products.

Our Black Friday sale was very successful and it may take us a couple days to catch up.   We will ship all orders as quickly as possible but due to the volume of orders and the holidays, shipping may take 3-4 business days. Thank you for your patience.

Razor Crest paint masks on kit

November 22:  Just arrived is this set of paint masks for the AMT Razor Crest from Aztek Dummy

Razor Crest paint masks 1:72 scale from Aztek Dummy

Coming very soon from JTGraphics:   Space Clipper decals 1:72 scale from JTGraphics

And we have restocks from Aztek Dummy and New Ware listed in the the Restocks Page.

Perfect Grade Falcon promo image

November 16:   The Perfect Grade Falcon is in stock!   We have a very limited number of kits.  The model is the ultimate in Sci-Fi kits with tons of detailed parts, extensive decals, photoetch, figures, and an LED light set.    We have not had this kit for 3 years!  No idea if we will be able to get more.

Millennium Falcon 1:72 scale Perfect Grade from Bandai

Over on the restocks page, there are lots of arrivals to check out from the last week.   See the full list on the Restocks Page.

Creature box cover and built up

November 14:  The Creature is coming!  We've just heard from Atlantis that this kit will be arriving in early 2023.    This is being reissued in the classic Aurora long box style and is a limited edition.   Preorder now!

PREORDER Creature from the Black Lagoon 1:8 scale (long box) - reissue from Atlantis

TIE Fighter promo art

November 13:   We now have ordering info for the ALL NEW Star Wars TIE Fighter coming next year from Round 2.  This is a 1:32 scale kit, accurately designed!   It will include clear parts for lighting and a pilot figure.    

PREORDER: TIE Fighter Studio Series - ALL NEW! 1:32 scale - Star Wars: A New Hope from Round 2/AMT

Enterprise C box cover

November 9:  The Enterprise C is here!  And the Batman & Robin Batmobile.   More soon

USS Enterprise-C 1:1400 scale from AMT/R2 (2022 reissue)

Batman and Robin Batmobile 1:25 reissue from AMT/Round 2

Haunebu II box cover

November 5:   Today we have the Haunebu II Saucer from Squadron.  This is a whopping 14 inches in diameter for all of you that like BIG kits.   

NEW: Haunebu II German Flying Saucer 1:72 from Squadron

Metropolis Maria Robot from X-Plus

November 2:  We've just received the new Metropolis Robot Maria kit from X-Plus.   We also have the vinyl Harryhausen Ymir kit from Star Ace.   Plus the new Voyager photoetch from Paragrafix.

NEW: Maria - Metropolis Maschinenmensch - 1:8 scale from X-Plus

Harryhausen's Ymir from Star Ace

NEW: Harryhausen's Ymir -12 inches - vinyl model kit from Star Ace

Voyager detail set 1:1000 scale photoetch from Paragrafix

Plus we have restocks from Paragrafix and all the Horizon spacecraft kits!    See the full list on the Restocks Page.

October 28:  We have a few of the Glow Vampirella Store Displays from X-Plus.   This is similar to the display for the regular kit, but does NOT come with a prebuilt painted figure.  It comes with an unassembled kit.  Limit of one per customer.

NEW Glow Vampirella Store Display - 1:8 scale from X-Plus

Star Wars TIE Fighter box cover

The Star Wars TIE Fighter has also arrived.  This has improved wing detail and a pilot figure.  

TIE Fighter - Star Wars - A New Hope - 1:48 scale - from Round

We have new sensor band decals for the 1:537 starships from Lake Monster and Vagabond

Starship Sensor Band decals 1:537 scale from Lake Monster

Plus we have plenty of restocks from Round 2, Atlantis, Aoshima, and many more.  See the full list on the Restocks Page.

We are still waiting on Metropolis Maria to arrive.  We expect it Monday or Tuesday.  The Haunabu Saucer from Squadron should be arriving next week.   Beyond that are The Wolfman, Mummy, Fly, and Galileo Shuttle!   Stay Tuned!

Space Clipper box cover

October 27:   The 2001 Space Clipper kits are now in stock!

NEW: 2001 Space Clipper - large kit 1:72 scale - from Moebius Models

NEW: 2001 Space Clipper - small kit 1:350 scale from Moebius Models

Jungle Jim Funny Car box cover

October 24:   The Jungle Jim car from Atlantis has arrived.    We also have a number of restocks listed on the Restocks Page.   Space Clipper arriving this week.  TIE Fighters and Metropolis soon.

Jungle Jim Vega Funny Car - 1:16 scale - Atlantis reissue

The Razor Crest box cover

October 16:    New arrivals this week!  The Razor Crest from Round 2/AMT and the 1:1000 scale Aztec decals for the NX-01.   We expect to begin shipping around Oct. 19.

Razor Crest - Star Wars -The Mandalorian - 1:72 scale - from Round 2/AMT

NX-01 Aztec decals

NX-01 Aztec decals - 1/1000 scale from Polar Lights/Round 2

More restocks coming from Round 2, followed by Space Clipper from Moebius.   And more!  Busy couple weeks here!

Speed Racer box art and built up

October 13:   New items in stock including Hubble Telescope and Speed Racer from Aoshima

NEW: Speed Racer - Mach GoGoGo - Mach 7 Full Version - 1:24 scale from

Knight Rider KITT (season 1) from Aoshima

NEW: Hubble Telescope Repair 20th Anniversary - 1:200 from Hasegawa

Milliput Standard Putty
Milliput Super Fine Putty

Plus a few restocks... See the list on the Restocks Page
Update.... AMT's Razor Crest will be arriving next week, along with a lot of restocks

October 12:   The following kits are coming in late October or early November - note, these are all subject to delays - STAY TUNED!:

PREORDER Lon Chaney Jr. Glow Mummy - 1:8 scale - Aurora reissue (end of Oct/early Nov.)
PREORDER Lon Chaney Jr. Glow Wolfman 1:8 scale - Aurora reissue   (end of Oct/early Nov.)

Plus we have a lot of restocks coming!

October 4:  We have a couple new preorders from Round 2.  The Batmobile is being reissued with figures of Catwoman and Penguin.    And the Naboo Fighter is making a return.  We don't have pictures, but you can preorder now!

PREORODER: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace N-1 Naboo from Round 2/AMT

PREORODER: 1966 Batmobile w/Catwoman & Penguin Figures 1:24 from Round 2/Polar Lights

October 1:  I've added a bunch of vintage kits.  Most are one of a kind.   These include vintage Trek kits, some Glencoe space craft, and a few others.  See the Restocks Page fore the list.  I will add more soon.

Grogu and Boba Fett models

September 29:   Star Wars kits arriving this week!  We'll have the new Bandai kits from the Mandalorian plus restocks this week.   

NEW: Boba Fett - 1:12 scale - The Mandalorian - from Bandai
NEW: Grogu 1:4 scale and 1:12 scale - The Mandalorian - from Bandai
The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) (PLATED version) - 1:12 scale from Bandai
Boba Fett's Starfighter - Slave One 1:144 scale kit from Bandai

Bandai's Imaginary Dinosaur Skeleton's are in stock.  We have limited numbers.   

NEW: Triceratops Imaginary Skeleton - 1:32 scale from Bandai
NEW: Tyrannosaurus Imaginary Skeleton - 1:32 scale from Bandai

Plus restocks from Red Planet and more.   Check out the Restocks Page.

Glow Vampirella

September 23:   The GLOW Vampirella has arrived!    These are in stock and ready to ship.   We have a limited number. 

NEW Glow Vampirella - 1:8 scale from X-Plus

Plus we still have the original Vampirella!

NEW: Vampirella - 1:8 scale model kit from X-Plus

Havoc Marauder promo graphic

September 16:  We are now taking preorders for the Bad Batch - Havoc Marauder coming late this year from Round 2!

PREORODER: Star Wars Bad Batch - Havoc Marauder - 1:144 scale from Round 2/AMT

September 8:  We've been able to get a few more of the 2001 Clavius Spacesuits from Executive Replicas.    Our originals sold out very quickly and we were told it was sold out.  We were able to locate a few more!   Please note this is a limited edition.  It is the suit only.    

2001 Clavius Base Astronaut Suit 1:6 scale (figure not included) from Executive Replicas

We also have a couple of the 2001 Red Spacesuits available.

2001 Red Discovery Astronaut Suit 1:6 scale (figure not included) - from Executive Replicas

The Mutant's Girlfriend assembled

September 6:  We've got something new to go with your Mutant kit!   The Mutant's Girlfriend is a 1:12 scale resin figure, sculpted by Chris Elizardo.  In stock now!

The Mutant's Girlfriend - 1:12 scale figure from Red Planet

vintage moon suit images

Monarch will finally be producing their Moonsuit kit, which was originally announced over 10 years ago.  The kit is currently in development.  This will be coming before Konga.   At this time we have no images to share.  The kit is expected in 2023, and we suspect it will be late 2023.    Price has not been set but we expect it to be in the $50 to $60 range.  We are taking preorders.   As always, there could be delays.

PREORDER : The Moonsuit scale from Monarch Models- Price TBA 

Glow Mummy and Wolfman boxes

September 1:   Big Monster News!   Atlantis is reissuing the Lon Chaney Jr. Mummy and Wolfman kits in the square glow box.   The kits will include both regular and glow parts.   This is licensed by the Chaney estate and is said to be a limited edition.  We are taking preorders!  We expect these late in the year.

PREORDER Lon Chaney Jr. Glow Mummy - 1:8 scale - Aurora reissue

PREORDER Lon Chaney Jr. Glow Wolfman 1:8 scale - Aurora reissue

We also have restocks from Paragrafix.   Check out the Restocks Page.

Enterprise photo box cover

August 23:   The reissued 18-inch Enterprise has arrived.  This is the 1:650 scale Enterprise, repackaged in the vintage AMT photo long box.  The kit in the box is the current version of the Enterprise with the smooth hull and dome base.   

NEW: Classic USS Enterprise 1:650 scale from AMT/R2 (2022 reissue)

We've also received the reissue of the AT-ST from Return of the Jedi.  This is the original MPC/AMT kit packaged with a backdrop of Endor or Hoth

AT-ST Walker - Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - 1:100 scale - from Round 2/MPC

August 23:   New kit from Suyata!  This is Arya - The Hunter's Poem.  It is a 1:12 scale Cyber Girl, with her motorcycle and cyber-dog.  Assembled kit is poseable.  It can be built with alternate faces, hands.   Includes weaponry.   Lots of parts!  This is a pretty amazing, futuristic kit!

Arya -The Hunter’s Poem - Cyber Girl and Cycle - 1:12 scale from Suyata

We've also received a new Edge of the Universe figure from Master Box.   Plus a number of restocks on Master Box figures

Edge of the Universe - Valerie- 1:24 scale from Master Box

And finally, restocks from Aoshima, Hasegawa, Suyata and more.   Check out the Restocks Page.

August 6:   Added the latest preorders... more to come!

Space:1999 Moonbuggy/Amphicat 1:24 scale - from MPC/Round 2
Space:1999 Eagle 4 with Lab Pod & Booster 1:72 scale - from MPC/Round 2

plus I have been adding vintage kits to the shop.   See the Restocks Page for details.  More to come.  Stay tuned.

Harryhausen's Ymir display model

August 3:   Today we have the Harryhausen Ymir display model from Star Ace/X-Plus.   This is a fully assembled and painted vinyl display piece, complete with lamppost and base.   Like the Talos, this is a deluxe, limited edition.  

Harryhausen's Ymir- Deluxe Vinyl Statue from X-Plus/Star Ace

July 30:  We have the new Fantasy Figure International magazine in stock.  This is a full color magazine with 82+ pages of great articles on figures, and a few SF kits including Alien 3, Godzilla, and the Star Wars AT-ST.

Fantasy Figures International issue 17

Vampirella - Gonzalez version from X-Plus

July 28:  The next kit from X-Plus is a beauty!   This is Vampirella, based on the classic Jose Gonzalez artwork.    This is expected in early 2023 and we are now taking orders.  Final price is TBA, but we expect it to be between $45 and $55

PREORDER : Vampirella (Jose Gonzalez version) - 1:8 scale from X-Plus

The Astronaut parts and assembled model

July 14:   A new resin figure from Jimmy Flintstone.  This is a 1:8 Astronaut kit.  We have a limited number at this time.   You may have seen this at Wonderfest.

Astronaut resin kit 1:8 scale from Jimmy Flintstone

We also have more restocks from Paragrafix, JTGraphics, and Red Planet.   Visit the the Restocks Page for details

Snoopy and his Race Car and Snoopy as Joe Cool box covers

July 1:   Just arrived are the two new Snoopy reissues from Atlantis!

NEW: Snoopy as Joe Cool and his Surfboard reissue from Atlantis
NEW: Snoopy & his Race Car reissue from Atlantis

Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, Atlantis, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Lost in Space, Spacde:1999, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey models and other favorites. Wholesale available through Doll & Hobby GA

Our phone number: 770-797-5533. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM. We may not always be able to answer the phone, so leave a message, or email if you need to contact us. Our warehouse is located at 248 E. Crogan St, Suite 202, Lawrenceville GA 30046. It's a warehouse, not a hobby shop!

89 Batmobile box cover

June 14:  We finally received the third of the Bandai Batmobile kits.  This is the 1:35 scale 1989 Batmobile!  And we restocked the 2022 Batmobile.  You can never have too many Batmobiles!

Batman 1989 Batmobile 1:35 scale from Bandai

The Batman 2022 Batmobile 1:35 scale from Bandai
Batman Begins 2005 Batmobile 1:35 scale from Bandai

Wonderfest announcements from Round 2!   As you know, we recently returned from another wonderful Wonderfest show.   Round 2 has announced a lot of new product, plus they discussed many other kits that are under consideration.    I've posted all the news that came out of the event.   Unfortunately, we don't have any schedule or pricing yet, but once we do, we will start taking preorders.     For all the details, please check out the main CultTVman website

Sealab box art

June 13:   At Wonderfest, we announced a reissue of the classic Sealab III coming in 2023 from Doll & Hobby GA.   We have added this as a preorder

PREORDER: Sealab III - 1:93 scale - from Doll & Hobby GA 

Finally, we are offering the Star Trek promo poster to everyone.  It is free with the purchase of $100 of AMT and Polar Lights Star Trek kits.   That's current Trek kits, not vintage, not preorders, not out of stock.  Round 2/AMT/Polar Lights only!  This does not apply to previous orders or preorders.

Pilot Enterprise Star Trek Poster

Metaluna Mutant box front and back

May 25:  Happy real Star Wars Day!    The Metaluna Mutant is here from Atlantis!   

NEW Metaluna Mutant Square Box 1/12 Model Kit from Atlantis

Vampirella box cover and built model

April 22:  and then Vampirella arrived... 

NEW: Vampirella - 1:8 scale model kit from X-Plus

Imperial Warship decal sheet

And the Imperial Warship decals from Rick Sternbach are here too!  Life is good

NEW: Imperial Warship Markings decals from Decal Alternatives/SMS

NEW: SF Widgets Sheet 001 decals from Decal Alternatives/SMS

Intrepid Class Low Observables 1:1000 scale decals from Decal Alternatives/SMS

Chariot from Doll & Hobby GA built up

April 21:  I have updated the Kit Release Calendar on the main CultTVman page.    And here is a photo of the upcoming Chariot.  We'll have some more pictures soon.

PREORDER: The Chariot from Lost in Space 1:35 scale - from Doll & Hobby GA

Cyclops from X-Plus built up

April 20:   We've added the new Cyclops kit from X-Plus, expected toward the end of 2022.   This is an Aurora styled kit, based on Ray Harryhausen's classic creation.  Final price is not set, but we expect it to be between $55 and $65.   The kit features the Cyclops with his club in hand and a deluxe base with a caged sailor.    

PREORDER : Cyclops from 7th Voyage of Sinbad - from X-Plus 

April 19:  Added a bunch of preorder kits from Atlantis.  Some are coming this summer, and others may not arrive until 2023.   

PREORDER Silver Knight 1:8 scale - Aurora reissue from Atlantis
PREORDER Ghost of the Red Baron GLOW IN THE DARK reissue from Atlantis
PREORDER Wyatt Earp reissue 1:8 scale from Atlantis-
PREORDER Boeing Bomarc Missile Revell reissue from Atlantis
PREORDER Lighthouse with light and diorama base - Lindberg reissue from Atlantis
PREORDER Viking Ship with oarsmen and crew 1:60 scale reissue from Atlantis
PREORDER 1926 Mack Bulldog Stake Truck - 1:24 scale - Monogram reissue from Atlantis
PREORDER F-100C Super Sabre 1:70 scale - Revell reissue from Atlantis 
PREORDER Boeing SST Transport 1:400 scale - Monogram reissue from Atlantis
PREORDER B-26 Invader Bomber 1:67 scale - Monogram reissue from Atlantis

The following kits are in stock

NEW: 2001 Aries 1B - 1:48 scale from Moebius Models
NEW: The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Special ArtBox Edition from Doll & Hobby GA
NEW: Wacky Races - Turbo Terrific 1:32 from MPC/Round 2
NEW: Boba Fett's Starfighter (Slave 1) - Star Wars The Mandalorian - from Round 2/MPC
NEW: Green Hornet Black Beauty original reissue from Polar Lights
NEW: Enterprise Bridge 1:32 scale from AMT/R2 (2021 reissue)
NEW: USS Grissom 1:350 scale from Polar Lights/Round 2

    Flyplogger kits - vintage box covers

    March 3:    Atlantis has announced they will be reissuing the Fred Flyplogger kits late this spring.    These were originally scheduled for 2021, and then pulled from their listings.     

    November 30: Doll & Hobby GA is announcing an ALL NEW kit of The Chariot from Lost in Space! This will be a 1:35 scale model, that comes with figures of the Robot, Will, and John Robinson. This kit should be available in late-2022, if all goes well. We are now taking preorders in the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We'll share pictures as soon as we can. 

    PREORDER: The Chariot from Lost in Space 1:35 scale - from Doll & Hobby GA.

    The Guillotine box and built model

    November 13: We are now taking preorders for the Guillotine! This will be coming in late 2022 and will feature the clean art on the front, with all the graphics printed on a removeable plastic sleeve like we are doing with the Hunchback reissue. And there is still time to preorder the Hunchback!  

    PREORDER The Guillotine - Special ArtBox Edition from Doll and Hobby GA

    More kit preorders

    PREORDER: Millennium Falcon - Star Wars - A New Hope - 1:72 scale
    PREORDER : The Fly - 1:8 scale from Monarch Models 

    About Preorder Reservations: Please remember that payment is due when the kits are in stock. When you place a preorder, we are buying a kit for you. To keep your account in good standing, please submit payment when we send out the notices. If you do not pay for your kit, we can no longer accept preorders from you. My thanks go out to everyone that supports our preorder service and all of you that make CultTVman a success! Thanks

    Tamiya Paint chart

    We have added Tamiya acrylic paints to our inventory after many requests. Please note that paints must be shipped Surface or Ground mail and are available only in continental US. No international sales on these. They cannot be shipped airmail.

    Tamiya Paints at CultTVman

    We have an updated phone number: 770-797-5533. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM. We may not always be able to answer the phone, so leave a message, or email if you need to contact us. Our warehouse is located at 248 E. Crogan St, Suite 202, Lawrenceville GA 30046. It's a warehouse, not a hobby shop!