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Welcome to the CultTVman Hobbyshop. We specialize in Science Fiction models, Spaceships and Monster model kits. Serving you since 1998! We have current releases from Moebius, Pegasus, AMT, Polar Lights, and more. We also feature decals, light kits, accessory parts, magazines, and more. This is the place to buy Star Trek models, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Space:1999 models and other favorites.

Wholesale available through Doll & Hobby GA!  

February 13:   Coming from Doll and Hobby GA, the Land of the Giants Snake!   This reissue features all new box art, and a display background to show off your kit.    Coming mid year.    This is the first of a series coming from D&H.   

Darth Vader kit

February 8:  Just arrived from Bandai is the new Return of the Jedi Darth Vader kit and a new B-Wing LED light unit

February 7:   Round 2 has announced two more kits coming this summer from Polar Lights!  The USS Shenzhou from Star Trek Discovery and a reissue of the classic Flying Saucer.

Coming soon:  Ktinga Light kits, USS Enterprise D (1:2500), Romulan Warbird, 2001 EVA Pod, Ghost of the Red Baron

February 6  Just a few quick updates today.    We have a few new lighing kits from TenaControls.    

plus restocks of the K-Cruiser paint masks, lights from TenaControl and Madman, Amazing Figure Modeler, and more from Moebius and Pegasus.   See the Restocks Page for details

February 5:   Just arrived from Executive Replicas is the Pergatori premium action figure.   

January 30:  Aztek Dummy paint masks for the 1:350 Ktinga have arrived!

January 25:  New Star Wars kits!   The much anticipated Rebel Blockade Runner has arrived!   We also have the big 1:6 scale Shadow Stormtrooper.  And surprise!  We have a kit we didn't expect.   The 1:12 scale Shadow Stormtrooper wasn't listed by Bandai previously, but we have it now!   We also have a Dragonball Z Gokou kit and restocks from Bandai and Paragrafix and a few others.    See the  Restocks Page.

January 23:  We now have USS Discovery box art and kit pictures!   This will be out in late spring.

January 17:  We're going to need a bigger starship!  Restoccks from Round 2 including the 1:350 K't'inga and 1:350 Refit Enterprise!   See the  Restocks Page.  for the full list.

January 14:   Annoucning the new Judy Robinson premium action figure from Executive Replicas.    This 1:6 scale poseable action figure features Judy's third season uniform, a laser pistol, alternate hands and a stand.   We are requiring a $50 non-refundable deposit on this item.   

January 9:   Restocks on Revell Star Trek kits and Dragon Avengers kits!  See the Restock page

January 5:  Rommel's Rod is finally back in stock!

January 3:   We've just recieved the Rio Grand Runabout reissue from Round 2, along with the prebuilt display Rescue Eagle!    The Rescue Eagle is a limited edition, so you don't want to miss out!  There are some new replacement heads from Dedham Pond.   And we have lots of restocks from Moebius, Round 2, and more!   See the  Restocks Page.  And more coming!

January 1:  Happy New Year!    Round 2 has announced the next two Jolly Roger pirate figures!   These are reissues of the classic kits from the mid-70's.   These should be coming in springtime.   Preorder now and pay when they are ready to ship!

December 26:   We've got a special offer going on the Dragon prepainted Avengers kits.   Actually Avengers, Iron Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy kits.   These were released 3 or 4 years ago and the prices were kinda stupid.   Now we have a limited number of kits at a huge savings.  These are 50 to 75% off!    Get them while you can!

Prepainted kits:
Unpainted kits

December 22:  The new Redstone Launcer kit has arrived from Horizon Models.  This 1:72 kit can be built as one of three different configurations.    

December 21:  A small Christmas surprise!  We have the USS Iowa from Atlantis in stock.  Not a spaceship, but a great vintage kit from our friends at Atlantis.    This is from the original Revell molds!

December 18:   The Star Wars issue of Amazing Figure Modeler has arrived!    You don't want to miss this one!    The Force is strong here!   Lots of CultTVman contributors featured in this issue!   Articles include Han Solo Speeder by our old friend Jim James, Bandai's 1:72 Millennium Falcon by Mark Myers, Shore Trooper diorama by Thad Rhodes, The X-wing by Brian Ludden, Lighting an Imperial Star Destroyer by Lou Aztek Dummy Dalmaso and plenty more!

December 11:  The Deluxe Metal Flying Sub will be here this week and we are taking payment if you wish to purchase this wonderful display model.  It features a metal hull, resin base, internal lighting and effects and sounds.    This is an extremely limited, premium display model.    If you recall how quickly the metal Jupiter 2 sold out and became impossible to get.   Don't miss this opportunity!

December 2:  Added the latest Bandai Star Wars kits for preorder.   Restocks on Madman Lighting.   See the restocks page for full details

November 28:   Giant Shin Godzilla from Kaiyodo!    This is the Godzilla kit for true Godzilla fans.   It stands about two feet tall when assembled and 41 inches long.   This is an all new vinyl kit!    While this kit is expensive, it is also limited availability.  Don't miss out. 

We also have the Giant Super Size Godzilla kits coming from Kaiyodo.    These will have very limited availability.   Don't miss out!

Plus lots of restocks from Paragrafix and JTGraphics.   See the restocks page for full details

November 12:  The Klingon K't'inga kits are in stock!     We are now taking payment.  We have sent out all payment notices for preorders.   A couple things....  we have a lot to ship out, so please be patient.   It will take us a couple days to mail out all the orders.    You will get an email confirmation and tracking info when your order has shipped.    Please don't send emails asking when your order will ship as that just slows us down.    We're shipping as many orders as we can, as fast as we can!  We have plenty of kits for everyone.  Thank you for your patience!
We've added new preorder items including the Star Trek USS Discovery from Round 2, Godzilla, Ed Roth kits, the Romulan Warbird, and more!

October 24:  Atlantis has just announced new kits, including two classic horrors!    Coming in early 2019, The Phantom of the Opera is finally being reissued in the original Aurora packaging.   Along with that will be The Ghost of the Red Baron, created by Tom Daniel.    We are now taking preorders on these kits.   Also, we are expecting to have the Invaders UFO here in November!  We'll have more preorders soon from Atlantis soon.   



We have an updated phone number:   770-797-5533.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM.     We may not always be able to answer the phone, so leave a message, or email if you need to contact us.  

Our new warehouse is located at 248 E. Crogan St, Suite 202, Lawrenceville GA 30046.   It's a warehouse, not a hobby shop!