Refit Starship Combo Effects Kit UPGRADED from TenaControl
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Refit Starship Combo Effects Kit UPGRADED from TenaControl

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Amazing, compact lighting unit for your starship models
Part Number: Tena-105R
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Upgraded 1701 light kit! (Combo-NCL)

This is an amazing new lighting unit featuring multiple effects. This kit features several special lighting effects:
  • Navigation and strobe lights
  • Impulse engine lights
  • duel color deflector dish effect
  • Landing Bay sequence lighting
  • NEW:  Crystal light effect
  • NEW: Warp engine effect

The kit includes the special Combo-NCL circuit board, LEDs and resistors, switch, ribbon wiring, and 9 volt battery connector.

This does NOT include strip LEDs for the Nacelles, or other interior lighting.  You will need to purchase that separately

The circuit board is completely assembled and includes easy connectors for the wiring.  You'll still need to solder the LEDs and resistors, so some previous lighting experience is recommended.   This unit comes with detailed instructions.

Both the Deflector Dish and Crystal ramp up from Amber to Blue.  The Impulse Engine will ramp up form off to Red when when Crystal is Amber mode.  When in the Blue ramp up mode the Nacelles will also ramp up and stay on until the Blue ramp down feature is activated, which will cause the Nacelles to also ramp off.  

Here is a look at the landing bay effect

And here is the deflector dish effect

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